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2018-08 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
August 14, 2018 – 12:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 12:32 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Dave Almond, Don Webb and Carl Graves, Committee members. With Committee Chairman Rick Pierce absent, Dave Almond was voted the Chairman for today’s meeting.

The Street Report for July 2018 was reviewed.

Arnold reported the Buzzard Roost Cutoff rebuild project was at a cost to date of $539,487.65 and approximately 97% of the concrete work has been completed. The crew has a small section of sidewalk to be completed sometime next week and the Maintenance crew is continuing to base in the road and getting ready to place millings. Arnie speculated mid-September as to when this project would be completed.

Don said it was amazing the improvement to the neighborhood, when the projects have been completed.

The Rodeo Court project finished up last Friday, August 10 with new asphalt layed. Arnie reported to the Committee the current cost on the July report did not include the asphalt. There is some landscaping left to do and they will be out of there.
The new entrance at the Street Department Shop is taking shape. Arnie reported to the Committee all the old road base dug out from the Buzzard Roost project has been used to fill in the area that will be used for the new entrance. He added hopefully by next spring this will be completed. The total cost to this project is at $21,734.56

The Budget Summary was reviewed and Arnie reminded the Committee of the budget transfers requested during the July committee meeting. Originally, the committee approved transferring $52,000 for a new bucket truck, in the council meeting the amount was mistakenly changed to $30,000 by Rick. Arnie said this should be $52,000 and the Treasurer will not make the transfer until this amount is corrected through council. Dave asked what needs to be done for the council meeting. Arnie said the $30,000 needs to be changed to $52,000 and approved to send to council to transfer for a bucket truck. All 3 committee members present agreed to the proposal.

Arnie announced to the committee that General Fund has paid back $100,000 of their loan by the Street Department.

Dave asked Arnie if the Street Department was still on schedule for cleaning out the bridge at 62 and Bomber Boulevard. Arnie said yes,

The crew that has finished up on Rodeo Drive widening is moving over to Wade Street at Fairgrounds Drive. The Dodd Creek wall had collapsed due to the rebar rusting out, and they are rebuilding it along with the wall on the Hicks Creek ditch at 1st Street. That ditch wall is leaning over and the crew will rebuild it too.

Arnie reported to the committee he has been approached by the Eaton Corporation and another group concerning roadside trash pickup. The Eaton group would like to get permission from the City to pick up trash on the old 201 South Spur. Prior to the City taking over the street, they previously held a permit from the highway department for trash pick up. Also, a group that walks Rodeo Drive behind the hospital, requests permission to pick up trash along that portion of road. It would be similar to the Adopt-a-Highway program the state has now. Arnie passed out a paper with guidelines the highway department has for this and he said he is going to meet with Roger on getting something written up to cover liability for the city.

The storm drain painting by the art department at the high school will be starting soon. The art teacher is going to get some of the kids and will get about six drain inlets around Bomber to do. He said we will power wash the inlets and seal them after they have been painted. He added, he’s leaving it up to the art teacher as far as putting the designs together, as long as the design includes a statement that notifies the public where the water drains to it helps cover public education in our MS4.

The code enforcement was briefly discussed pertaining to grass clippings thrown into the road. Arnie commented that the new code enforcement officer is doing a fine job whenever he calls him, and is a breath of fresh air.

The truck auction on August 7th didn’t go as well as Arnie anticipated. He said he had expected the 2016 Dodge 1500 to sell for $27,000, but it sold for $23,700. He said he did not put a minimum bid on it, which he said he should have. He added the buyers just weren’t there. He explained to the committee that the Building Department wants to purchase the other 2016 Dodge at the same sale price, from the Street Department, but Arnie said he doesn’t want to have a second $8,600 depreciation on his trucks. He said he would like to just keep this 2nd 2016 Dodge and put it back into service at the Street Department. The 2003 Dodge Durango sold for $3,900. The committee approved keeping the 2016 Dodge at the Street Department.

Arnie told the committee the construction crew that finishes up on Buzzard Roost will go to Commerce Drive next. They did a section of drainage on North Kingswood Drive recently and are finishing up there with landscaping. At Commerce Drive they will fix the bump in the road. Carl asked if that was the State’s to fix. Arnie told the committee yes it is in their Right of Way, but the adjoin street is our street. He added, the permit has been applied for, and the plans are completed. It will be a slow project, due to the traffic. We will be taking approximately 1 to 1 ½ feet of elevation out of the street.

The meeting adjourned at 1:14 p.m.


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