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2018-09 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
September 11, 2018 – 12:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 12:32 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Rick Pierce, Dave Almond, Don Webb, Committee members; and Nancy Osmon, Council member.

The street report for August 2018 was reviewed.

Arnold reported the Rodeo Court project was completed as of August 10, 2018. He said cost per foot totaled $102.42. He added included in that project is the third lane on Rodeo Drive from Pine Tree Lane to the parking lot at the junior high school, and some asphalt on Pine Tree Lane for about 400 feet. He added, the cost per foot was pretty low.
The total cost for this project is $314,747.80.

Buzzard Roost Cutoff he expected to be completed mid-week, next week. The crew is finishing up landscaping and Arnold said he is now working on getting the numbers totaled for Baxter County share to reimburse on this project. Total cost to date is $583,691.75. This cost does not include approximately $112,000 of asphalt that had been put down last week. Rick asked, there still needs to be the total that Baxter County owes for their share? Arnie said yes, with their rock and everything, we are coming in over on the materials, and added he expected the project to total approximately $1.2 million overall.

The Overlays total is through the end of August. No overlays have been done this past month; however the highway department is working on the grant that the City received for the overlays near Hospital Drive. He told the committee those costs are in with Maintenance and the Street Department did all the milling of those streets. In the process of this, a conveyor belt motor on our miller broke and Dilbeck Excavation has made available their milling machine for the city to rent. Arnold said the part has been shipped, but wasn’t sure of the cost. He told the committee he is hoping for another round of overlays, and what is in the schedule is behind Hardee’s, on Spring Street and Locust Street hopefully will be overlaid this fall. He has turned the list over to Dilbeck’s and they haven’t said when they will start. Materials go out to bid on October 9. Arnie expected a late fall overlay and didn’t expect Dilbeck’s to get to those streets in the next two weeks. The total cost of Overlays thru August 31 is $121,522.61.

The Retaining Wall Repair project, there are two retaining walls that have been rebuilt. One is near the old Street Department shop at Wade and Fairgrounds Drive; the other is at 1st Street near Parkview Circle. The one at Wade Street collapsed; the one on 1st Street was leaning about 3 to 4 feet and just about time before it also collapsed. Rick asked if there was a reason there weren’t any braces on the wall coming back in, to keep it from collapsing again. Arnie said the new wall was designed without them in there. Also, the old wall was #4 steel on 24” centers, the new walls are #6 steel on 10.5” centers. The cost on the two wall rebuilds is at $31,405.25.

Arnie reported to the committee that the crew that has been working on the Rodeo Court/Rodeo Drive project has moved over to the East North Street spur near Fred’s Dollar Store. They are rebuilding that portion of street from College Street behind the car wash to Highway 62 with curb and gutter. He said it is a small project with no underground drainage. When that is completed that crew will go over to Arena Drive to start that rebuild project. The crew that is finishing up on Buzzard Roost Cutoff is going over to Keller Park to put in three handicap parking spots at the dog park. He said three spots were designed and expects the cost to be approximately $7,000. The dog park and parking issues were discussed. Rick and Dave both said they receive calls on the parking issues at the dog park.

The Budget Summary was reviewed. Arnie reported the line item for the loan payment from General Fund has increased. Another $100,000 payment was received from General Fund, after September 6th, which was when the budget was printed. Arnie told the committee he needs clarification on an error in the amount for the bucket truck purchase. He said the committee recommended $52,000 to the council, and $30,000 was read in error, which was approved by the City Council; he needs that amount changed to $52,000 which was originally requested. Rick asked if he had found a truck yet and Arnie said he knows of one that North Arkansas Electric Cooperative has for $50,000, and there is another one he needs to research on Purple Wave, that Rick had suggested to him. The committee approved the amount to send to the council for their approval. Rick asked about the Dozer line item in the budget and the money that was deducted from that amount. Arnie said that was the money allocated for new backhoes, additional money needed for a sweeper truck, and for the purchase of the bucket truck. Rick asked what the per hour cost was on the backhoes, Arnie said it was $8.50 per hour.

Arnie presented two items on a list for Walker’s fall equipment auction. They are a 1984 Tomco Roller, with a blown engine, and a 1991 Case Loader, purchased in 1991, and had been trying to replace the hydraulic motor and transmission and it’s beyond repair. Arnie said he needs approval from the committee to present to Council to place in the upcoming sale. Rick asked Arnie what he thought the value of these were. Arnie said “scrap”. He told the committee that Dilbeck’s had two loaders identical to this one and they are just sitting at their yard as parts replacement. He said it may bring $5,000 or $6,000 for scrap price.

Arnie reported to the committee he met with the Mayor and Greg Ifland and it was agreed he is selling a 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck to the Building Department for the cost of $27,000. This will be paid in $4,000 increments, which that amount is in the Building Department budget, until it is paid in full. Nancy asked what vehicle was being used for the Building Department at this time. Arnie said the truck is in Greg’s possession at this time. He has been using it because Tim has been using the Building Department’s truck, a 2004 GMC pickup to move mowers and other equipment for city maintenance and grounds keeping. The 2016 pickup was used to transport the inmates to and from Calico Rock while the inmate bus was down for repairs. Arnie told Greg to keep the truck at City Hall since it was in the process of being transferred to the Building Department. Nancy asked how many miles were on the 2016 pickup and Arnie said approximately 26,000 miles. Rick reminded the committee this is what was discussed at the Council meeting last month. Rick said his issue with this transfer is the City is using the Street Department as a bank. Arnie said this is the same with any department that purchases a vehicle from the Street Department, be it Building, Parks, Police or Fire. Rick said if they continue to do this practice, every time something comes up, the Street Department will become a bank instead tightening their belt and putting it in the budget. It’s affordable for them, and it’s legal. Nancy said she is okay with purchasing vehicles from Federal Surplus, using it and then transferring it to another department. Rick said the challenge here is you are trying to sell these trucks every other year, because you can drive them for less money per month. He added, he recalls costs as low as $38 per month to drive a new truck. Now you are putting trucks into a department that are going to age out, they are going to need new tires, change out transmission fluid, etc. Even if it’s $149 a month like a few years ago, that is still a couple thousand dollars a year. If they’re paying $4,000 to buy the truck when they can actually fund and budget new truck and drive it for $2,000 a year. He said they failed to budget the truck purchase because the General Fund doesn’t have it, so now they are trying to make it an affordable measure and they are using the Street Department. Nancy said, instead of planning and looking at the individual departments, and work independently in that department to buy a truck. Rick and Arnie both agreed with Nancy.

The 2019 Budget was briefly discussed. Rick reported the CPI was at 3.2%.

Rick asked Arnie if he knew of any derelict buildings on lots within the city that needed to come down, for an example, one on Waverly Road.
Arnie reported that he knew of just one on Russell Lane near Baxter Lab.

There was discussion concerning the tall grass and weeds behind the Hampton Inn, Orscheln Farm & Home and Sears. Arnie reminded the committee this was under the Police Departments Code Enforcement Officer and needs to be referred to them.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:28 p.m.


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