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2018-10 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
October 9, 2018 – 12:30 p.m

The meeting was called to order at 12:34 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Carl Graves, Dave Almond and Rick Pierce, committee members.

The Street Report for September was reviewed.

Arnie reported to the Committee that the partnered rebuild project of Buzzard Roost Cutoff with Baxter County, was finally completed. He said an invoice was delivered to them with a balance of approximately $68,000 that was due to the City. He added, this will bring the total to a 50/50 even share. The total cost of this project is $716,227.29.

There were two retaining walls that were rebuilt this past month. One, which had collapsed recently, was at Dodd Creek on the corner of Wade Street and Fairgrounds Drive. There was another one on 1st Street near Parkview Circle. That wall was leaning and getting ready to collapse, so the crew took it out to rebuild. The cost of these retaining walls came to $31,802.21.

Arnie said the crew that finished up on the Rodeo Drive widening went over to the spur at East North Street and started a small rebuild project that began at North College Street over to Highway 62. This portion of North Street has never been rebuilt due to easement restrictions. He said it’s a small project with no culvert being installed. New curb and gutter was put in and the street has been dug out, based in, and topped off with asphalt millings. He added we are just waiting for the asphalt and this will be completed. To date, the total cost is at $21,621.54. This crew has moved over to Arena Drive behind the Baxter County Fairgrounds. They have started a rebuild project that will go from South College Street to Wade Street. Arnie said parallel parking will be used at the Saddle Club arena and diagonal parking will be used on the end near the livestock barn. There was additional discussion about this project, and then sales tax collection was discussed. The cost to date for Arena Drive is $6,420.60.

Arnie reported to the Committee his Buzzard Roost crew has moved over to the intersection of Highway 62 and Commerce Drive to rebuild and remove 1.5 feet of the steep grade out of the road. He said Commerce is ready to be overlaid and he wanted to get this intersection done before the asphalt went down. Arnie added this will be the first time Commerce has been overlaid since curb and gutter was put in years ago. It was milled yesterday and the crew will be done with the intersection next week sometime, so the overlay will be done in coordination with the asphalt of the reconstructed section. The total cost to date for the Commerce Drive intersection $6,817.86.

There haven’t been any overlays done since the last report Arnie reported. He said if he can get Commerce Drive and North Street done he will be happy with that. He said this way he’ll let the rest of the Overlays go into the 2019 Budget. The Overlays cost to date is $130,486.61.

Arnie reported the handicap parking spaces for the dog park at Keller Park on Rossi Road is just about completed. He said they are laying the asphalt today and striping will be done later this week. A final report will be made for the next meeting.

The current Budget was discussed. Arnie reported it was in good shape and the only line item he expected to go over was Computer Software and Software Maintenance. With an amount of $13,000 budgeted, he is at $12,602. He told the Committee it’s very difficult to budget what City Hall and their Administrative fees will be.

A backhoe that had been damaged at the Buzzard Roost project was discussed. The insurance paid out and the backhoe was repaired and returned last week.

Rick asked Arnie what his proposed carryover amount will be for next year. Arnie passed out a proposed budget for 2019 and also given one to the Mayor for his review. He said the bottom line will be at least a $1.3 million carryover. He added he is expecting the year end revenue to come up to $1.6 to $1.7 million. He said he anticipates the turnback fees and revenues will come in higher than what has been budgeted. He added, he anticipates our sales tax to come in about $60,000 higher.
Also, there is a $200,000 payment from General Fund that will be paid back by years’ end. Rick asked what the $174,000 was spent on out of the Dozer line item. Arnie told the Committee this amount is a combination of monies transferred to other line items. He said with this money the new backhoes were purchased, also money was transferred to the used bucket truck line and the balance is going into the sweeper truck line item. He said the amounts on this proposed budget will surely be revised.

Carl asked Arnie what the status of the new entrance at the Shop was. Arnie said this is pretty much at a standstill at this time, he said the crew will work on it this winter as a fill-in project.

Rick brought up more discussion of Arena Drive, the Baxter County Fairgrounds property ownership along with the Saddle Club arena. The Committee discussed at length, easements, property ownership and sales tax collection. Arnie said he would research this further. Nancy Osmon, council member said this had been discussed previously, but it never went anywhere.

There was also discussion about a maintenance project the Street Department is going to be starting at South College Street near AR State University. When South College Street was reconstructed, there is now an issue that has so much rainwater going onto the college property. Arnie told the Committee this was going on before the reconstruction of South College and it was decided that this would be repaired after the street was turned over to the City. This is because the cost of the project will be much lower than the 20% the City would have been responsible for if the State had included it in their rebuild project.

The hospitalization insurance increase was also discussed briefly along with General Fund’s Budget.

The meeting adjourned at 1:29 p.m. Whew!


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