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2018-11 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
November 13, 2018 – 12:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 12:30

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Don Webb and Rick Pierce, Committee members.

The Street Report for October 2018 was reviewed.

The Commerce Drive Intersection Rebuild has been completed at a cost of $32,243.99. The steep grade was taken down and approximately 100 feet was rebuilt.

The East North Street Spur from Highway 62 to North College Street was completed last month as well. This project totaled $48,759.49.

The three handicap parking spaces that were built at the dog park have been completed and had a total cost of $7,357.98.

Arnie reported the street overlays have been completed for the year and total $280,672.03. The streets included this past month are Spring Street behind Hardee’s, Commerce Drive from the rebuild to Chestnut Hills, North Street from North College St to Highway 5 North, and Dryer Street. Rick asked if this amount includes the State Grant overlays that had been completed by the State. Arnie said no, it wasn’t and he anticipates receiving an invoice from the State for approximately 10 to 20 thousand dollars over the $250,000 grant that was awarded to the City.

The rebuild of Arena Drive is going well. Arnie reported to the Committee that the drainage culvert has been installed to the apartments and there is approximately 300’ of curb and gutter in to date. The cost to date on this project is $46,907.74.

The crew that is working on the Ohio/Iowa/Kerr Rebuild project has been working at Iowa and hit solid rock. Since the hydraulic hammer attachment that normally attaches to the Case backhoes, will not work with the New Holland backhoes, an adapter has been ordered and when received will be used for this hammer to attach. In the meantime, the crew has been jackhammering to no avail. The Water Department’s trencher was hauled to the project and used to cut through the rock last week. The cost to date of this project is at $20,209.98.

Arnie reported General Fund has paid back another $112,200 of the $412,200 that had been borrowed from the Street Department. A balance of $100,000 is due to the Street Department by the end of the year. The 2019 proposed budget was distributed to committee members and discussed. Arnie estimated a projected carryover of 1.3 million dollars into next year. He said he is expecting more revenues to be coming in than what’s been projected in the 2019 Budget. He added, expects the County Turnback to be near $160,000 in the next two months, which will be over budget on Revenue. Also, he expects the State Turnback to come in about another $135,000 the next two months. Rick said, there is another $290,000 more coming in. Arnie added these amounts do not include the Sales Tax transfers. He said he expects a minimum of 1.5 million dollars carryover, and normally, after December expenses, it will be higher than that. Rick then asked if there was a tragedy like an ice storm, snow storm or earthquake, there would be money to operate. Arnie agreed. Rick asked what the equipment purchases list was for 2019. Arnie said he’s got mostly carryover, which is three new pickups are budgeted for $100,000, a sweeper truck, and $150,000 in a line item for dump trucks. He said he is trying to modernize the fleet of dump trucks. Rick asked if he is going to purchase new or used and Arnie is hoping for two real good used ones. Arnie said he’s also budgeted for two new backhoes, a new GPS Rover and bids will be opened on November 29 for a new Roller, which will be delivered in January and budgeted for 2019. There was brief discussion of a new roller purchase and the purchase in 2016 for a used roller. Arnie also has asked for a raise in the Federal Surplus line item, since the money budgeted for this had been used up by June of this year. Rick asked Arnie if he had looked at purchasing backhoes through the state bid or federal bid program. Arnie said he has not. Rick said it may be a good idea to look at a lease program on the equipment. Arnie said we are a member of the NJPA contracts on top of state bids, and we don’t necessarily have to go with a bid process. He told the committee the sweeper he has budgeted, is through the NJPA contract. Rick asked Arnie if he had a current equipment list with annual hours used. Arnie said yes, he does and Rick requested a copy of that list.

Don asked Arnie how the new entrance at the Shop was going. He said he had noticed the guys working on it. Arnie told the committee that since there were a few rain days last week, the crews were working at the Shop and on the new entrance. Base was hauled in and placed. Arnie estimated about March 2019 for this to be completed. The paint on North Street and other overlaid streets was discussed. Arnie said he asked the contractor that was striping for the State Aid project at the streets near the hospital, to also include Buzzard Roost Cutoff. Rick mentioned the lanes on Buzzard Roost were narrow. Arnie said Hospital Drive was striped the same way. Arnie said the rest of the overlaid streets were done by the Street Department. Both Don and Rick said the striping on the other streets looked nice.

Arnie reported for future projects, the crew that is working at the Ohio/Iowa/Kerr along with Conway, they will go over to Western Hills Way and start that project to rebuild, from the western end of Western Hills Loop to Pine Tree Lane. The crew working at the Arena Drive project will go to Dodd Street to begin that rebuild project. Dodd will be rebuilt from Highway 62 to South Main Street. Arnie reported, another street for future rebuild is Gentry Street behind the old Walmart location.

The meeting adjourned at 1:02 p.m.


Wide view of downtown Mountain Home