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2018-11 Special Meeting Minutes

Special Street Committee Meeting
November 27, 2018 – 12:30 p.m.

The special meeting was called by Street Department Director, Arnold Knox, to discuss bidding and possible purchase of a 2014 motor grader with just under 700 hours that is currently up for auction online.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Rick Pierce, Don Webb, Dave Almond and Carl Graves, committee members. Arnie reported to the committee if a comparable grader as this were to be purchased, it would cost approximately $240,000 to $250,000. The auction will end December 5 and currently the bid is near $68,000. Dave asked Arnie what he wanted to bid it up to. Arnie told the committee that is what he wanted to discuss today. He said he was hoping to get it for about $150,000 and as much as $200,000. He told them it was their decision as to how high he would bid on it. Dave asked how high he thought it may go and Arnie said just over $200,000. He added, you never know how high auctions will go. Dave asked what the value was and Arnie said for this year and hours, $240,000. He said he is looking at future purchases and planned on a grader in 3 year or so. He said when Rick called him on this piece of equipment; he thought it would be a good idea to possibly get it now. The Street Department currently has four graders and he would like to sell the 2 older ones and replace them with this newer one that is being auctioned. He said the older graders are mainly used for snow removal. After discussion, Rick made a motion and Dave seconded the motion to send the purchase request to City Council for approval.

The meeting adjourned at 12:45.


Wide view of downtown Mountain Home