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2018-12 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
December 11, 2018 – 12:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 12:33.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Carl Graves, Dave Almond and Don Webb, Committee members; and Mayor Dillard.

Arnie began the meeting discussing a grant that had been applied for through the USDA office. He said it was for cost assistance in bank stabilization at Hicks Creek which runs along Meadowbrook Drive. He said it has been funded and in order to receive the grant, the City is required to sign a letter of assurance stating they will be responsible if there is any legality that should happen to arise. He said he has spoken with Roger Morgan who wrote the letter of assurance. Arnie said he will need approval from the Committee to send this to the City Council for their approval. Carl asked if this would be something that should wait for the new Council to review and approve. Mayor Dillard said that this would be an improvement to the creek, and anytime a bank can be stabilized and not come out onto private property is a good project. Arnie said there has been some erosion along the west bank of Hicks Creek and this is where the stabilization will be done. It will be similar to the bank stabilization that was done by the old Street Department shop at Fairgrounds Drive by ASU. Carl made the motion and Dave seconded to send the request to the City Council for approval.

The Street Report for November was reviewed.

Arnie reported the new entrance at the street shop was going well and the crew has pour the concrete pad for the gate which will be installed sometime this week, weather permitting. He said this project probably will finished up sometime in February or so. The cost to date is $29,627.14.

The Arena Drive rebuild project was going well and had a cost to date of $74,018.66. He said the crew has all the drainage culvert in, and they are now working on putting in curbing. He said approximately 2/3 of the curbs are in. They are done on the condo side, and are working their way up past the rodeo arena at this time. Don asked if there were going to be sidewalks on this project. Arnie said the sidewalk will be on the duplex/storage building side. Diagonal and parallel parking will be on the fairgrounds side of the road.

Ohio Street, along with Kerr and Iowa are a combined rebuild project in Northern Hills. Arnie reported 80% of the drainage culvert is in and next week they will be starting on curb and gutter. Also, another nearby rebuild project that will be underway after this is Conway. The total cost to the Ohio Street project is $53,777.18.

Maintenance costs for the month of November were $32,847.83. He said this cost includes putting up Christmas lights, snow removal preparation, trimming limbs. Arnie reported the crack sealer is out for repairs but will be back soon to start up again. He said they are also out on Heatherdown finishing up a drainage project. Dave asked what went wrong with the drainage and Arnie told the Committee the landowner wouldn’t sign the easement when Amon tried to obtain it to bring the culvert through. About three or four months ago they decided to give easement to the City to fix the erosion problem they were having. After some discussion, the current Budget was reviewed. Arnie told the Committee there were a few line items that would be going over, mainly Computer Maintenance and Street Signs line items. He said he has raised the amount for Computer Maintenance in the Budget for next year, because it’s not known what the actual expenses will be for the Street Department’s share of General Fund’s monthly computer maintenance. The Street Sign line item went over this year because there has been so much paint used, striping streets. Carl questioned using the Street Sign budget to purchase paint and Arnie said that is part of sign maintenance.

Arnie told the Committee the road grader he purchased thru the online auction is at the shop if anyone would like to come and look at it. He reported even after purchasing the road grader he was anticipating a $1.5 million carryover. He said there is plenty in reserve in case there is any unseen circumstance.

The Mayor asked Arnie if he had announced the grants that were awarded. It was learned from KTLO Radio on Monday morning there was an $83,000 trail grant awarded to the City by the Arkansas Department of Transportation. This grant was denied last year for the walking and bike trails at McCabe Park, but was awarded this year. Arnie said he plans on starting construction next year. The walking paths around the ballfields and the ponds will be paved; the bike paths will be gravel. There was more discussion about walking trails connecting with ASU and additional bike paths along the creeks throughout the City.

Arnie thanked the outgoing Committee members for their service.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home