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2019-04 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
April 9, 2019 – 12:30 p.m.

The meeting began at 12:30 with Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Jim Bodenhamer and Don Webb, Committee members present.

The meeting began with Arnie showing pictures of two pieces of equipment purchased recently. Recently, a used bucket truck was purchased from North Arkansas Electric Coop for $50,000 and delivery was taken last week on a new sweeper truck at the cost of $268,555.50.

There was a short discussion about the traffic signal at Highway 5 North and 62B. Arnie said the traffic lights at that intersection will be shut down tonight for a complete repair. The traffic cabinet, wiring and controls are scheduled to be replaced. He advised drivers to used caution while traveling through this area.

The koi pond on Lilac has come up again. Arnie reported at the request of the Mayor, his department was going to begin dismantling it this week. But since speaking with Roger Morgan, it has been put on hold. He said the City had received the approved court order, but the property owner has made some attempt to clean up the area. Don commented that it was a mess over there, all the way around the house.

Arnie spoke to the Committee about meeting with the Friends of the North Fork and White Rivers. They would like to see the program of more inlet boxes painted like several that were painted on Bomber Boulevard. The high school art department would be continuing this, along with the area art club showing interest as well. Arnie said he would like to have a couple more painted behind Nelson-Wilkes on the North side of College Street. He also would like to see some done by Pinkston on the South side of College Street. He informed the Committee there is a dinner meeting scheduled of the Friends of the North Fork and White Rivers on April 29 and both he and the City Engineer, Amy, will be attending to present the City’s storm water plan to them. Arnie said he had started work on it while he was the City Engineer. It had continued through other Engineers and has taken about ten years to get it through the EPA, who finally approved it.

The Street Report for March 2019 was reviewed. Arnie told the Committee the Arena Drive rebuild project has been completed at a cost of $257,834.13, which comes to $164 a foot. He said there wasn’t as much drainage culvert needed at this project, so that kept the cost down compared to other rebuild projects. Both Don and Jim commented the road looked really nice.

Arnie reported the Ohio/Kerr/Iowa rebuild project is approximately 80% completed and is ready to pave. He said the total cost to date is $245,762.80. This crew has moved over to Conway and has started a complete rebuild of that street.

The Arena Drive crew moved over to rebuild a retaining wall at the 1st Street bridge at Hicks Creek. The total cost to date is $15,313.48, and the wall needs to be backfilled along with landscaping done to be completed.

Maintenance for the month of March is at $33,141.92. The Maintenance crew has stayed busy cleaning out culverts and ditches, hauling topsoil from the river and the also cleaned out the bridge at ASU.

The Budget was reviewed, and Arnie said the biggest expense was the street sweeper.

The greenhouse at the high school was discussed briefly.

Don said his street needs the sweeper badly, the construction company that is building the new nursing home is bringing dirt onto the street. He also said the grass needs to be cut back because it grows so long it covers where people walk. Don mentioned that a resident of Vermont Drive, Ted Kueter, would like the City to replace his private water line when the Western Hills Way rebuild project is underway. After discussion, Arnie told the Committee the crew will be nowhere near his private water line, therefore it will not be replaced by the City.

Jim asked Arnie when the new trucks would be in. Arnie said normally they will come around the third week of April. He added he is going to wait on the purchase of a roller. He’d like to see some cash flow come in. The next big purchase after the pickups, will be a dump truck. He told the Committee, he wants to start cycling and modernize the department’s dump trucks. That, he said, is a bigger process than he realized. He told the Committee single-axle dump trucks aren’t really made, they need to be ordered. He added, he thinks he has found a way he can bid them out.

The meeting ended at 12:56 p.m.


Wide view of downtown Mountain Home