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2019-06 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
June 11, 2019 – 12:30 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Jim Whalen and Don Webb, Committee members.

The meeting began with discussion of the shortage of employees at the Street Department. Arnie told the Committee his concerns of not being able to hire employees, due to the low starting wage. He said with Ranger Boats starts them at $13.50 per hour, the Lab starts them at $12 with benefits, it’s hard to find someone to labor. He presented a few different spreadsheets to the Committee and told them he would like to present them to the Personnel Committee and eventually the Council. The spreadsheets show the current pay scale, and proposed pay scales for both 2020 and 2021. There was discussion at length and the Committee then agreed to send the request to the Personnel Committee for further review.

The Street Report for May 2019 was reviewed and discussed.

Arnie reported to the Committee the new entrance at the Street Department shop was just about completed. The last thing is to reinstall the sign that was taken down, for the business next door. The total cost to the new entrance is $96,243.77.

The rebuild project at Ohio Avenue, along with Iowa Street and Kerr Street has been completed, except for some landscaping to be finished this month. Arnie said the total cost to this project is $295,607.53.

The last section of sidewalk was poured today at the Dodd Street rebuild project. The Maintenance crew has started digging out the road and pushing in new base getting ready to complete it with asphalt. The cost to date at Dodd Street is $51,217.10.

The Conway Street rebuild project has been completed also, except for landscaping to be finished up this month. The cost to date is $91,107.29.

Arnie reported overlays are going well and to date $97,333.74 has been spent. He said Waverly, Blackberry, Lucerne, Spring Street near Cardinal Drive, Locust, Cedar, Russell St. and a short section of South Street has been overlayed. He said the next streets to be done will be near the Pinkston Middle School area, Fairgrounds Drive, Baker Street, 11th Street, Bean and Fern. He added there is another $100,000 to spend on overlays this year.

Maintenance for the month of May totaled $22,065.67. He reported the Maintenance crew has been working at McCabe Park, installing a new fence on the property line and is getting ready for the mountain bike path and walking trail.

The Budget Summary was reviewed. Arnie told to the Committee he has ordered a new dump truck at a cost of $85,000 which should be delivered in September. He said he would like to order one a year to replace the older trucks. Also, he is still waiting on the third ½ ton pickup truck to be delivered. He estimated the Street’s carryover amount into 2020 to be at $1.3 million. He reported, with approval from the Committee, he is going to approach the Council in August to make changes in his Budget. Committee approved.

The meeting ended at 1:05 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home