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2019-07 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
July 9, 2019 – 12:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Don Webb, Jim Whalen and Jim Bodenhamer, Committee Members; and, Mayor Adams.

The meeting began with Arnie informing the Committee, $88,223.74 in proceeds were collected from the sale of equipment and used vehicles at Walker’s Auction on June 25th. One of the 2017 Dodge ½ ton pickup trucks was sold for $25,000. The other is being purchased by the General Fund for the Mayor at the same price of $25,000. The Committee received a spreadsheet of past vehicle costs and there was brief discussion. Arnie anticipated, with the lower purchase price of the trucks recently and in the future, the monthly cost will be better, approximately $110 to $130 monthly.

Arnie updated the Committee on the inlet box painting. He spoke with Steve Blumreich from the Friends of the North Fork and White Rivers to remind him the boxes at the square were not to be painted and to keep it at College Street.

A letter was received by the Mayor from the American Legion on Market Street requesting that street be renamed. Arnie said, in the past, this type of thing starts at the Street Committee and then with approval will move on to get Council approval. The Mayor said he spoke with the Legion and informed them of today’s Street Committee meeting. Jim Bodenhamer asked in the past, if anything similar to this had ever come up. Arnie said he had found when 201 South/South College was reconstructed, 201 South Spur had been renamed South College Spur. He added Epoxyn and Marchant’s are on that section of street. He said the Committee approved the renaming, a letter was drafted notifying the businesses on that street of the name change, and was hand delivered to each address. Arnie told the Committee he would speak with the 911 office and Roger Morgan of the request and possible change. He said if they approved the request, he would take it to the City Council for approval in August. It was agreed by the Committee that the American Legion needs to approach each resident and business on that street to notify them of their request before moving forward with their request.

Arnie reminded the Committee of an email he had sent notifying them of a complaint he received concerning Baxter Avenue. He said the caller requested speed bumps be placed to deter speeders. The resident left a message on Arnie’s phone saying he wouldn’t be able to attend today’s meeting. There was another resident invited to attend today’s meeting, which hadn’t shown up. He is the new owner of the Glenbriar Mobile Home Park on Glenbriar Drive near the bypass. He is requesting the City take over the maintenance of the streets in his park. The Committee discussed his request and why that community and its streets are privately owned. Arnie said when the park was originally built, the streets in their plans were not constructed to match city street specifications and a right of way had never been established. Arnie feels the streets were built well, as far as structure and drainage. He added, it never went to public streets because of the right of way issues. He told the Committee, if you drive through there, the carports are right at the edge of the street. Every one of them would need to be moved back 15 to 20 feet, out of the easement if one was to be given. Arnie said he didn’t think that was going to go any further.

The Street Report for June 2019 was reviewed. Arnie reported the Ohio Street rebuild project has been completed. This project included a complete rebuild of both Iowa and Kerr Streets as well. He said the total cost was $299,578.36. Also, in the near future, there were be some drainage issues that will be taken care of. Mr. Kemp owns property on the south side of Iowa Street going down into the woods. Arnie said he may have a solution to repair the drainage through there, which ends up in the Spring Park subdivision. He explained there is a concrete ditch that runs through Spring Park. What he would like to do is connect a few hundred feet of that concrete ditch to Iowa. He added, he has gotten easements to allow the city to construct and build the concrete ditch to connect it all. This should alleviate a lot of that. That project should be coming up in the next six to eight months.

The Conway Street rebuild project has been completed as well, and was cheaper than planned because there was very little drainage involved. What drainage that was in there had been installed when Iowa was rebuilt, which was the larger part of the drainage. Conway’s total cost was $98,048.42.

The Street Department entrance has been completed. The sign is up and it completed a little more expensive than projected with a cost of $97,872.63. This was due to laying additional asphalt other than the driveway, going into the parking lot area.

Dodd Street has been completed at a cost of $92,946.10. There is a little bit of a ripple in the asphalt of the southbound lane. He said he would get with the contractor to see what can be done.

The crew working at Western Hills Way is currently installing culvert pipe. They started down at the bottom and worked their way northbound. They had some trouble hitting rock while digging out and are currently using the water department’s rock hammer to get through that. The cost as of June 30th is $38,921.64. Jim B. asked when he thought this project might be completed and Arnie said he is telling people around the spring of 2020. He thinks it may be sooner than that, but you never know what the winter weather will bring.

Long Street rebuild is going well. Jim W. asked if the reconstruction is having difficulty due to the hospital putting in their new parking lot. Arnie said, not really, with a lot of construction all in one spot, our crew is on the north end of it right now. They are working on culvert installation and curbs as well. He added he is working close with the hospital and with hospice. Some of the hospitals luminary lights will have to be moved and a few smaller trees will have to be taken out but he said he is working with them on that. He said this happens when you are in the right of way where the road needs to go. He estimates this job will go quick after the drainage culvert is in, the curbs and sidewalk will go fast. The cost to date is $19,258.09. The estimated cost of $440,000 is because there is going to be three lanes of road that will be built. Jim W. asked if this will eventually be connected to Rodeo Drive. Arnie said no, that would be the Burnett Drive, which is a separate project. He said he like the design of Burnett and it will work well with Bucher Drive. That intersection will be greatly improved and he anticipates starting that project in the next year to year and a half.

The Maintenance crew has stayed busy working on the new fence at McCabe Park, putting up flags for the holiday, and repairing Franklin Street at the site of a water line break that eroded about half of the road. They are also doing the general summer maintenance including mowing and spraying weeds. The total cost of street maintenance for June is $26,488.58.

The Budget was discussed. Arnie passed out a list of line items and told them about once a year he likes to ask the council for a Budget adjustment. He explained there are always some items that end up going over on his Budget, some staying under budget. Adding, there is always something unexpected. He would like to have additional money transferred another line item. He said he would like to add this request to the agenda for Thursday’s meeting, pending the Committee’s approval. The first line item is the Computer Operating Expense; he would like to add $3,000 to that line which is over budget due to the city hall transfer of their IT replacement. The Shop Purchases/Other Equipment line item is over as well, due to a scanner that was purchased in November 2018, with the credit card. The transaction didn’t show until the December invoice which was sent at the end of December. In turn, it was actually paid for out of the January 2019 Budget. Arnie told the Committee he is asking for a $4,000 increase in that line item to cover that late 2018 purchase. The Postage line item is over due to shipping three traffic counters to be repaired and he would like to transfer $500 into that line. The Uniform line item will be over due to the new uniforms that have been changed and the purchase of T shirts and hats for everyone. He is asking for $7,500 to be transferred for Uniforms. The Backhoes haven’t been purchased, due to the Water Department’s low trade in report they received on their New Holland backhoes. Arnie reported the resale on this brand of equipment does not bring the money compared to Caterpillar or Case machines. He said the Case trade-ins we have had in the past had been bringing $40,000 to $50,000. He said the Water Department purchased two Caterpillar backhoes at $90,000 each. He added, they weren’t offering her a good buy back on the backhoes they were replacing so they were sold at auction at a price of approximately $40,000 for the Case backhoe and around $32,000 for the New Holland backhoe. He explained to the Committee, the New Holland backhoes that were purchased last year are a too much of a lightweight machine for the work the department ends up doing. He said, the buckets on the backhoes purchased last year have had to be welded at least 2 to 3 times to stiffen them up for the work the department does. It’s not near as heavy duty as the Caterpillar or Case machines. Jim W. asked Arnie about a lease program the county used for some of their equipment. Arnie said he checked into that option, and found for $1,200 a month per backhoe, and after two years of that, it would be better to do a purchase. He would like to continue to purchase new equipment and sell after two years, similar to the program he uses for his trucks. He said he’d like to trade them at 2,000 hours, since resale and trade-in values drop after that. The Roller line item is another one that will need $50,000 transferred to it. Arnie told the Committee he had sent out bid invitations last December, the low bid came in at $114,000, then there was an issue with the roller drum not measuring as specified. One bidder was ½” narrower and the other stated that wouldn’t hold up to the specifications. Arnie decided to reject all bids due to the cost was over budget. He would like to rebid when the money will be transferred. He expects the bids to be close to the same as previously received, somewhere between $110,000 to $115,000. The Traffic Control line item needs $10,000 added to it due to a lightning strike on the traffic light June 22nd at the corner of 5 North and 62. The strike got the head, a couple of interior cards and a controller. It was repaired enough to run, and Arnie said he would like to adjust the timing so it will flow better. The traffic backs up in the left turn lane coming from the Dairy Queen end. He said the highway department has been disconnected from the signals due to the replacement parts to be installed. Arnie also told the Committee the detectors and the load sensor in there are about 20 years old. He said he would like to start modernizing the traffic signals. He reminded the Committee he has already spoken to each of them about this request. He explained, with that traffic signal going out once again, he said he has decided he would like to start at that location. He would like to get fiber optic in there and get off the old dial-up modem, start revamping the cards and computers inside of that signal box. He added, it’s not going to be cheap and that’s why he is asking for a $10,000 increase to that line item to start the process. If a whole traffic signal is put in, it’s a million and a half dollar project. He said if he can take it off a little bit at a time, he believes he can get it done for approximately $50,000. He also said, if the police want to put a camera system there, or surveillance, etc., they would be more than welcome to. At this time, the detector cards in our system are TS100’s and they went out of manufacture about 18 years ago. At this time, TS175 detectors are being used. The traffic light repair man the Street Department deals with should be here on Thursday to finalize and replace what needs to be done, he explained the components are just too old. He asked that the money is requesting be taken out of the Road Construction line item. The Committee agreed and said for him to get it on the agenda for Thursday’s meeting.

Sealed bids for materials will be opened at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 11. After they are opened, Arnie said he will get another round of overlays going. The streets scheduled are Fairgrounds Drive, Baker Street, 11th Street, Cross Street. He said there are a lot of streets down around Pinkston Middle School. Approximately $120,000 of overlays are scheduled and it will be approximately a month before they are done.

During Arnie’s discussion of the Budget adjustments, the owner of the Glenbriar Mobile Home Park came in to the meeting. He requested to the Committee, the City take over maintaining his streets because it is very costly. Arnie explained to him, what the City would need is an engineer state the streets are built to City specifications, which is curb, gutter, drainage, the structure of the streets as in the base, how deep it is, and the asphalt, which should be 2 inches compacted. He added, Glenbriar wasn’t inspected by the City when it was built. The other issue would be the right of way. The City would still need a 50 foot right of way. There was a lengthy discussion and the Committee eventually advised him the City would not take over any street maintenance for this community.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home