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2019-09 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
September 10, 2019 – 12:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 12:27 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Jim Whalen, Don Webb and Jim Bodenhamer, Committee members; and Mayor Adams.

There was a brief discussion concerning the shortage of employees in the Street Department. Arnie reported to the Committee he is down six laborers. He said, if he loses another one, he may have to consolidate his two concrete crews into one which would put a stop to one of the projects currently under construction. He added, he does have one temporary employee that is scheduled to start permanent with the department at the end of September. But that won’t fix it, he will be short for snow removal in the winter if need be.

The Street Report for August was reviewed. Arnie reported that the curb and gutter on Western Hills Way should be completed by the middle of next week. The crew will then go back to Pine Tree Lane and start putting in sidewalk on the North side of the street, and an 8-foot bike path on the South side. He said the Maintenance crew has the road dug out and asphalt millings put down from Pine Tree to the bottom of the hill near the creek. That section of street is ready for asphalt. To date a total of $193,426.96 has been spent at this project.

Long Street is moving along well, and Arnie reported the curb and gutter should be finished by next week. The crew will then begin putting in new sidewalk, which will go in on both sides of the street. The Maintenance crew is digging out Longs Street and putting in new road base to get ready for asphalt. Total spent through August 31 is $102,110.90. This crew, when finished with Long Street will begin a rebuild of Burnett Drive. Arnie said he would like to expand Burnett to a three-lane road. Jim W asked Arnie if he had a completion date for Long Street. He told the Committee he expected the end of October, but the current holder of our asphalt bid is what is holding up on the overlays, therefore, may not get to the asphalt on Long Street when we are done with it. Jim W then said they expected the hospital parking lots to be completed by October 15, which that contractor is the same as the City’s materials bid holder at this time. He added, he had given them the overlay list back in July and they have not started yet. There is approximately $100,000 worth of overlays to complete now and materials bids are scheduled to be opened next month. Arnie said he would like to see Long Street completed by the end of October; it just depends if he can get the paving done by then.

When the crew is finished working on Western Hills Way, more than likely they will go over to Iowa Street to put in a concrete drainage ditch to Spring Park.
The Maintenance crew has been digging out both Long Street and Western Hills Way, mowing right of ways, a section of curb was moved back further and replaced at West Paul Street at Pine Tree Lane, and there was some milling and drainage work done at Coachman.

Future projects were discussed, and Arnie told the Committee the City Engineer, Amy, is currently surveying Spring Street from Forest Drive to Buzzard Roost for a complete rebuild to correct some drainage issues that are there. He added, she is working with an engineering intern from the high school. He said there will be another rebuild at the Indian Creek area with the streets of Louann and Cooper being rebuilt.

The current Budget for the Street Department was discussed. Arnie reported it was in good shape and estimated an approximate $1.4 million carryover into 2020. He mentioned there was a line item that may go over a few thousand dollars due to the air condition/heating unit replacement at the Shop. He also reported the dump truck chassis he ordered came in and has been sent to Davis Truck in Little Rock to have the hydraulics and bed installed. The truck should be delivered before the next Street Committee meeting. The total for this truck will be around $86,000 which is way below what was budgeted.

The Mayor and Committee discussed an item that will be on the ballot for the November 2020 election, referencing the ½ cent sales tax that the Street Department currently receives.

The meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home