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2019-11 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
November 12, 2019 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Don Webb, Committee Chairman, and Mayor Adams.

Arnie showed a picture of the new dump truck that was delivered at the end of last month and said it had been ordered from Summit Truck Group out of Little Rock, and the bed was installed by Davis Truck in Little Rock.  Arnie also showed a picture of a one-ton truck that had been purchased from Federal Surplus.  A 2002 Dodge 3500 flatbed with approximately 40,000 miles was purchased for $3,775.  Arnie reported this truck is being used on one of the construction crews.

The Street Report for October 2019 was reviewed.  Arnie reported the Western Hills Way Rebuild was at a total cost of $292,525.06 as of October 31.  The hot mix has been put down and there are sidewalks to be finished along with landscaping.  He added Western Hills Loop was paved for the Overlays this month following Western Hills Way, since they were in that location. 

Long Street has landscaping to finish it up.  A total to date of $269,947.92 has been spent at Long Street and this includes the asphalt.   This crew has moved over to Burnett Drive and begun work on the rebuild and widening to a 3rd lane from Long Street to Beard Drive.   Tree removal has started and hammering rock will follow. 

The Hicks Creek Bank Restoration project has started and completed. 

Approximately 240 feet, on both sides of Hicks Creek along Meadowbrook Drive had clay fill brought in for the banks that were eroding.  Shot rock was hauled to the project and placed over the clay to stabilize the banks.  Approximately $9,500 of the $17,672.09 spent will be reimbursed by USDA, from a grant that had been applied for four or five years ago. 

Street Maintenance totaled $28,094.01 for October.  That crew mainly had been milling streets getting ready for the overlays.

The current Budget was reviewed, and Arnie reported he was going to request the Council approve a money transfer to Computer Software and Software Maintenance line item, 5200-27310.  He said there was going to be a shortfall by years' end.  At this time, that line item is about $2,500 over budget, mainly due to the Street Departments portion of approximately $7,000 reimbursed to General Fund.

Arnie anticipates $1.4 million will go to the Street Departments cash on hand carryover for 2020. 

Don asked Arnie how much per day snow removal costed the City.  Arnie said, if there is a significant snowfall and he has all crews working 24 hours the cost is about $10,000 per day.  He said with the snowfall that came in on Monday, he called in four guys for three hours.  They drove the streets in all zones checking for slick spots, put sand down where it was needed, and the cost totaled approximately $1,000.  

Hickory Park and its entrance was discussed for the possibility of a new concrete driveway and pad near the pavilion for the stage to sit.  Plans are being discussed to move the Friday Night Block Party to this location from the Square.  The Mayor said there is plenty of parking, the restrooms are right there, and there are plenty of trees for everyone to be out of the sun.  Don asked if there would be room for the vendors and the Mayor said yes there would be.  Arnie said to have one of his guys work Friday night, the overtime, hauling and setting up the stage, and taking it down to return it to the shop costs approximately $600. 

Don brought up the three portable bridges over at McClain Park at West Road.  Arnie said they had been purchased from Federal Surplus in Little Rock, and two of them belong to the City, the third one belongs to ASU.  He said the school at one time made plans of making a bridge over Dodd Creek, but it ended up being a bigger project than what they could do.  He added we keep up with them, but in the end, they belong to the City and ASU.  There was more discussion about the parking area.

The Mayor asked Arnie if he was going to finish up on some of the drainage issues at the soccer field before spring.  Arnie said he had planned on it.

There was a short discussion about the Arkansas Department of Corrections prison inmate program and the sealcoating of four municipal parking lots.

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home