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2019-12 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

December 10, 2019 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:26 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Don Webb, Jim Bodenhamer and Jim Whalen, Committee Members.

The Street Report for November 2019 was reviewed.

The Hicks Creek Bank Stabilization project, which runs along Meadowbrook Drive, has been completed at a cost of $17,880.56.  Arnie reported the City will be reimbursed approximately $9,500 from a Grant that had been applied for through USDA. 

Arnie reported the Long Street Rebuild project has been completed at a cost of $276,845.86.  Jim B commented this project completed lower than estimated.  Arnie said it had finished at a lower cost than estimated due to not as much culvert pipe needed.  The crew that had been working on Long Street has moved just around the corner to work on a portion of Burnett Drive that will be expanded to three lanes.  Arnie said they have been hammering rock near the Hospice House and this reconstruction will go from near Long Street to Beard Drive, right at the ENT office.  

Western Hills Way will be completed this week, with just two or three more yards to finish up landscaping.  As of November 30, the total cost to this project is at $369,282.32.

Arnie showed a list of streets that were overlayed this year.  He told the Committee his overlays totaled $269,795.65 this year, and he likes to keep them around $250,000 every year. 

The Long Street crew has begun working on Burnett Drive, to expand it from two lanes to three lanes all the way down to Beard Drive.  This will give the entire hospital campus three lanes surrounding it.  Currently, they are hammering rock near the hospice house.  As of November 30, the total cost to Burnett Drive is $10,260.23.

Maintenance costs for the month of November is $36,148.83.  Arnie said the Maintenance crew has been put on hold for the McCabe Park Trails project since he hasn't received the permit from the Army Corps to put in a box culvert.  ARDOT will not give him a notice to proceed until the Corps permit has been signed.  He explained they will be crossing a 4-foot creek with a small box culvert.  He added, the Army Corps has jurisdiction over waterways and his permit has gotten hung up with the them since October.  He said the gentleman he is working with doesn't have a problem with this permit, but a permit that was not applied for about eight years ago.  Which, he added, there was not a change to the ponds, and didn't require a permit at the time.

The Budget Report was reviewed, and Arnie told the Committee he was going to present to the Council at their next meeting, two line items that will go over budget and he will need to transfer money.  The first is the Computer Software and Software Maintenance line item, which a lot of that is generating from General Fund costs.  The other line is Traffic Control.  He said Thanksgiving weekend the traffic light at 1st and College shorted out due to the wiring being old and deteriorating.  He had Crawford Electric assist with rewiring the signal and it was up and running within a day.  There were added costs to raise that budgeted line and he'd like to get that taken care of.   He said the Budget looks good and expects a $1.4 million carryover into 2020. 

Arnie reported he has a full staff and has one space he has left open in case an equipment operator comes up.  There was a short discussion about the inmate program through the AR Department of Corrections.  Arnie reported the three inmates he has are working well. 

The meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home