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City Council Members and Mayor Adams

Bob Van Haaren - Ward 1 
Susan Stockton - Ward 1 
Jennifer Baker - Ward 2
Wayne Almond - Ward 2
Paige Evans - Ward 3
Carry Manuel - Ward 3
Jim Bodenhamer - Ward 4
Nick Reed - Ward 4

City Council Information

The City Council is made up of eight elected officials. Each elected Council Member has a two-year term. The primary purpose of the Council is to discuss and vote on City related matters at Council Meetings. Another important role of the Council is to participate in monthly committee meetings. Each committee consists of three or four Council Members. The Council works hand-in-hand with the Mayor, Treasurer, City Clerk, City Attorney, and Department Directors. Council Meetings take place twice a month on the first and third Thursday. The meetings take place at City Hall.

Visit the Elected Officials page to view more information about the City Council members.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home