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Pharmacy and Grocery Pickup


March 27, 2020

For Immediate Release:

The City of Mountain will begin immediately a program to provide free pick-up and delivery of groceries and prescription medications. The program will serve our senior citizens, 65 years of age and older, living within the city limits of Mountain Home. The purpose of this service is to help protect our senior citizens due to their high risk of health issues associated with COVID-19. The program will continue until further notice.

The following guidelines apply:

1. The service is available Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

2. The grocery store or pharmacy must be located within the city limits of Mountain Home.

3. Follow the procedures required by your preferred, local grocery store or pharmacy for placing an order, complete your prepayment, and arrange a pick-up time.

4. Call the Mountain Home Police Department at 425-6336 and provide the following:
• Name
• Address
• Phone number
• Grocery store or pharmacy and pick-up time

5. A uniform officer with the Mountain Home Police Department will pick-up your groceries or prescription medications and deliver them to your home. The officer will be driving a marked patrol vehicle identifying the vehicle as belonging to the police department.

6. The service will be conducted using these guidelines, so we can better protect senior citizens from potential scammers. The police department will not call you, send an electronic communication, or solicit door-to-door. You must initiate and make arrangements for this FREE service.

7. Precautions will be followed to reduce or eliminate the opportunity for the transmission of the coronavirus.

Hillrey Adams

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home