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2019-01 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting
January 8, 2019 – 12:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 12:31.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Jim Bodenhammer, Jim Waylen, Don Webb, Committee Members; Mayor Hilrey Adams, and City Clerk Brian Plumlee

The Committee began the Meeting with choosing a Committee Chairman. Jim Bodenhammer made a motion to nominate Don Webb as Chairman of the Street Committee. Motion was seconded by Jim Waylen. The motion Passed with Unanimous Approval.

Arnie continued into the meeting requesting that an Ordinance be presented to council out of committee regarding the purchase of a used bucket truck. The used Bucket Truck is currently owned by North Arkansas Electric Coop. It is a 2012 Dodge Ram 5500 Truck with and Alteck Bucket installed on the bed. Arnie stated that the bucket truck is needed due to the unreliable pumps on our current bucket truck. We have had our eye on the truck at NAEC for about two years and worked out a purchase price of $50,000 pending council approval with NAEC. Arnie stated that this truck built with the bucket on the back brand new runs over $130,000. This truck has been in service with NAEC and local for the life of this truck. Arnie stated that the truck will be used to reach the signal lights and the luminary lights that we keep up. Our current truck cannot reach the luminary lights that we need to service on the traffic signals on the Bypass light at Home Depot and the new signals on Hwy 201 North. Currently we have to hire out a bucket truck and crew to repair these luminaries. Arnie explained the street budget had the funds allocated in the 2018 budget and we had expected to purchase the truck before the change of the year. NAEC did not receive their new trucks to change out until January therefore the trucks are available at this time. After further discussion of the truck the committee agreed unanimously to move the ordinance on to the City council.

Arnie next brought up an ordinance to waive competitive bidding on the budgeted item of 3 new dodge ram 1500 trucks. Arnie reviewed our past procedures of cycling out the ½ ton trucks on a 2 year rotation. This year’s state bid is with Steve Landers Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Arnie explained that the last few years the local Dodge dealership has worked with us to beat the price of the state bid. This waiver will keep our tax dollars with the local company and will not cost any more than the state bid. Arnie explained that he had not contacted the local dealership before meeting time and if the local dealership could not beat the state bid price, we would pull the ordinance from the agenda and go through the state bid. The committee unanimously agreed to send the ordinance to the full council for approval.

Arnie then began the updates on the current projects. He began with the Shop Entrance continuing with a current cost of $54,463.07 as of December 31. The concrete approaches has been installed and the gate was installed January 7th. Arnie explained that the current gravel milling surface will remain in place through the winter until paving in the spring. The entrance is a joint use driveway with the 2 neighboring land owners. The new entrance is much safer than the old due to location to the blind curve on Highway 201 North.

Arnie continued bringing the committee up to date on the Arena Drive project. At the end of last month a total of $92,475.26 was spent on this project. Arnie stated that all of the underground drainage was in place along with %75 of the curb. The Maintenace crew was beginning to dig out the parking area along the fairgrounds so that the concrete trucks could access the curb to continue.

The next project discussed was the Ohio Ave. project. Arnie explained that Iowa, Fern, and Ohio rebuild is lumped together into this project. The drainage is complete and curb is approximately %15 complete on this project. Total cost to date is $72,220.26. Arnie explained that Conway Street will also be rebuilt in the area but will be tabulated as a separate project.

Arnie continued on to the monthly maintenance report explaining that the maintenance crew is currently trimming trees, bringing down the Christmas decorations, cracksealing streets in zone 4 and any street repairs that are needed. The cost of the maintenance crew was $27,827.65 for the month of December.

Discussion continued into the budget review for the department. Arnie informed the committee that he street department went into 2019 with approximately a $1.6Million carryover. He also stated that the street department is in good fiscal shape and prepared for winter. The carryover is a healthy amount for any emergencies that might arrive in 2019. The committee then continued to discuss the year end budget amount from the street department.

The meeting adjourned at 1:23 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home