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2020-01 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

January 14, 2020 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Jim Whalen, Jim Bodenhamer and Don Webb, Committee members.

The Street Report for December 2019 was reviewed along with Arnie passing out the 2019 Year End Report.

Arnie reported the Western Hills Way project has been completed at a cost of $396,941.37.  He said the cost per running foot came out to $176.42. 

Arnie told the Committee he'll have at the next meeting a report to show the past costs of reconstruction, overlays, etc. along with the planned projects that will be coming up in the next year.

The crew that had been working on the Long Street rebuild project has started on a complete rebuild of Burnett Drive.  Currently, the total cost to this project is at $51,502.87.  Part of this crew is putting in new drainage culvert on west end, and the east end has the rest of the crew hammering out the rock to make way for more culvert to go in.   

Jim W asked if Burnett Drive will be designed the same as Western Hills Way and Arnie said no, it would not, but there will be sidewalk on both sides of the street, not like Western Hills Way that has sidewalk and prospective bike path.

Arnie reported there wasn't a whole lot of maintenance to speak of for December, except for a lot of time spent putting Christmas decorations and lights up.  Also, Arnie said the Maintenance crew has been using community service people to help with scraping and cleaning sidewalks, trimming, or some kind of beautification throughout the City.  He added, this crew divides up wherever they are needed, and December has last minute vacation and personal time to be taken by some or they will lose that time.   The total cost of Maintenance for December is $40,364.83.

Beginning January 2nd, one of the construction crews began work at Clysta Willett Park on Rossi Road, setting up and pouring concrete pads for new bleachers, walkways and batting cages.  The Parks Department received a Grant for upgrades and the Street Department will be reimbursed for all equipment, labor and materials used.  He said he plans on this to be completed by mid-February so the Parks Department can get their bleachers in before the baseball season begins. 

The Budget Summary was reviewed.  Arnie reported there were three line items that went over budget, which are Traffic Control, the wiring in the light at 1st Street and College was bad and had to be completely replaced, Computer Software and Software Maintenance, and Postage.  Arnie told the Committee there would be more discussion at the Budget Meeting tonight. 

Arnie reported he spoke with the Mayor about political signs causing visibility problems for drivers. 

The meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home