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2020-05 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

May 12, 2020 - 12:30 p.m.


Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Don Webb, Jim Whalen and Jim Bodenhamer Committee Members.

The meeting began with a discussion concerning the monthly sales tax turnback.  Arnie reported to the Committee that sales tax revenues will be slightly down, but the Street Department will be in fine financial shape through the end of the year.  He feels we can afford whatever comes out of this.  He added, sales tax revenues will be approximately $500,000 below what has been budgeted but anticipated approximate $1 million carryover into 2021.

The meeting began with the review of the Street Report from April 2020. 

The crew working on Burnett Drive reached the intersection at Bucher Drive.  Asphalt has been placed to that point as well.  They will now move over to Medical Plaza Drive to do a complete rebuild.  The total cost to Burnett Drive as of April 30 is at $298,729.15.  Jim W said what an improvement this is.   Arnie felt the two biggest things on this project are the sidewalks, with the amount of people that walk this area, and the redesign of the street mainly the approach to the intersection at Bucher with the hill that is there.  It will be been cut down so there won't be such a steep approach.   Jim B asked if Burnett will be rebuilt to the Regional Family Medicine building near Beard Drive.  Arnie said that was the plan, but with all the rain lately, he has seen some drainage issues past Beard Drive and is planning on continuing the Burnett Drive rebuild down to Buttercup. 

Arnie reported the crew working at Clysta Willett Park has completed their concrete and drainage work.  He reminded the Committee this work was being done on a 50/50 Grant and the cost totaled $63,141.08.  He said this is just the Street Department's concrete work and does not include the cost of the sunshades and bleachers that the Parks Department has ordered.  The total cost to the Street Department will be reimbursed that amount from the Parks Department.  Jim W asked if the Street Department will be reimbursed for the total $63,000 amount and Arnie told the Committee, yes, because Street Department money cannot be used in any other department, and they have been billed.  Don said the drainage work that was done seems to be helping.  He said there were times after the rain they could not get on the field, and it looks better than it ever has.  Arnie told the Committee he had a crew at the soccer field that had hammered through about 1 ½ feet of rock to help the fields drain better.  He said this worked out well, and Billy D. said there were times the Parks Department could not mow because it was so wet, and told Arnie with all the rain we have been getting, he is still able to get the fields mowed.  He said it was about a 30-foot length that was hammered from the county road on the back of the property and a slope was put in to keep the water moving out of there.

Another project that has been completed for the Parks Department is the Hickory Park Stage.  Not all the costs are listed on the report, due to the work going into May, but as of April 30, the cost totaled $60,068.45.  This includes the electrical conduit, digging the ditches, and all the concrete work for the stage.  Jim W asked if the Street Department was putting in the trusses.  Arnie said the Street Department will help erect them, but the Parks Department ordered them out of their budget.  He added, the Parks Department did a good job on the installation of the sunshades at Clysta Willett Park.  Don asked if there were going to be donations to fund the cost of the stage.  Arnie said it was his understanding that the Mayor has donations but doesn't know the information on it and added the Street Department will bill General Fund for the work done.   Jim B said Farmers and Merchants Bank donated $10,000 a year for five years or more.  Arnie said the Mayor would have to be asked for the actual particulars on it. 

The Maintenance cost was up quite a bit last month.  He said this included the Maintenance crew digging out Burnett Drive and getting it ready for asphalt.  Since school is out, he has them out at West Paul Street.  The street hadn't been entirely dug out during the last rebuild and reported there was about 6 inches or so of base on top of topsoil.  He said there was no good roadbed, and topsoil isn't a good structure to build a road on.  He said last year the road started showing alligator cracking and was giving away while driving on it.  Although it was planned for repair later this summer, since school was out Arnie said he had the crew started on it.  Once they got into it and realized what was underneath the road, they turned and went down Bomber to almost the entrance, and part of Pine Tree Lane as well.   Arnie said he has a crew putting in concrete pads behind the Shop, with all the dust and dirt from the driveway and the trucks stirring it up, it gets into the heat and AC units along with the computer equipment.  He said extending the concrete driveway behind the shop will help tremendously.  He said the crews have been cleaning drains and traffic control with the anticipation of a large COVID19 screening turnout.  That didn't happen, and the guys were finished with that in the early hours of the morning. 

Arnie reported the Budget Summary looked good for this month.  He said the only big expense was the Traffic Control line item, monitoring boxes were purchased.  There was more discussion of the Budget; and Jim W asked Arnie if he had a full crew.  Arnie said he was short two but would look after the summer months to possibly fill those positions.

The meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home