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2020-07 Meeting Minutes

July 14 2020 Street Committee Minutes


The Street Committee met on July 14 at 12:30 in Council Chambers.  Present were Chairman Don Webb,  Jim Bodenhamer, Jim Whalen, and Director Arnold Knox.  Paul Norell was present in the audience.

Arnold Knox began the meeting by a status update on the installation of the I-Drive cameras, which are complete.  The Street Department recently purchased additional new Christmas lights as seen last year on Main street.  The lights are all in the similar snowflake patterns as the new lights purchased last year.  We will be utilizing the new lights along Hwy 62 B and Hickory Streets.  The older lights will be used to expand into the areas that used to have lights put up but have not for years. 

Arnold next wanted to bring the Committee up to date on a small project in the Mountain Home Cemetery.  There was an adjacent landowner Jay Wolfson that wished to donate the home to the Mountain Home Cemetery upon him passing in the future.  Last spring, Mr. Wolfson had noticed the runoff of water from the cemetery onto his property and requested the Street Departments help in alleviating this water.  It was known that the street department does not get into the personal drainage around the homes but after he followed through with a beneficiary deed to the City of Mountain Home the City does have a future asset to protect.  Therefore, it was agreed after the filing of the beneficiary deed that the Street Department would put a swale to divert runoff from the cemetery directly at the house. 

The meeting then progressed into the current job updates.  Burnett Drive project is complete up to Bucher Dr. and receiving quotes on having striping painted at the current time.  The cost of the project stands at 336,488.73.  This crew has pulled off this project to complete repairs on the 11th Street concrete ditch.  We are also trying to gain an easement on the eastern end of Burnett drive to be able to extend the 3-lane road all the wat to Buttercup Dr. At this time, the crew has shifted to the rebuild of Medical Plaza while we can attend to the right-of-way issues on Burnett Dr.

The next project discussed was Gentry Street.  The construction crew has progressed from Coley Dr. through the creek area.  We have progressed by all the quadplexes and are closing in on the Small World Preschool area with the concrete crews.  The construction cost is $60,948.01 as of June 30th. 

Next, McCabe Park Trails were discussed.  We are progressing well on the Phase One of the walking/bike path.  The cost to date is $19,197.17.  This is a grant project that will is funded by the ARDOT RTP grants.

Maintenance progressed through the month of June, one small project was the drainage installed on the intersection of Ouachita and Benton.  Along with the carryover of 11th street drainage ditch, normal tree trimming, small street repairs, sidewalk repairs.  The cost for the month of June $62,341.60

The Budget was next reviewed, and sales tax continues to be on the plus side.  The Street Department will be approaching council with the only budget adjustment needed for the first half of the year, pertaining to a $25,000 transfer.  The new excavator came in $52,000 under budget but the new wheel loader came in $24,817.07 over budget.  We will be requesting a transfer of $25,000 from the Excavator line item to the Wheel Loader line item to balance the budget.

The final item for discussion was the purchase of new rain suits due to the age and deterioration of our existing rain suits.  Arnold was forecasting a cost of $6,000 utilizing for raincoats coming out of the uniform line item. 

The meeting was adjourned at 1:07 P.M.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home