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2021-01 Meeting Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

January 12, 2021 - 12:30 p.m.


Present were Arnold Knox, Street Director; Jim Bodenhamer, Paige Evans, Susan Stockton and Jennifer Baker, committee members. 

Arnold distributed the Street Department's 2020 Annual Year End Report along with the Street Report for December 2020.  He started off explaining the year end report, and added last year there were no projects that had been completed.  He said for the first half of the year, he had one concrete crew working at Clysta Willett Park, then they moved over to Hickory Park to build the new stage.   When they were finished at Hickory Park, they moved over to Gentry Street to start that complete rebuild.  The other concrete crew had been at Burnett Drive, rebuilding it, which they got completed up to Bucher Drive.  He said that project was put on hold to go over to Medical Plaza to do a complete rebuild there.  Medical Plaza took longer than expected due to all the rock that needed to be hammered out for the culvert pipe.  In the meantime, Gentry Street was completed, but we are waiting for the contractor to make time to lay the asphalt.  He added, he has not had any overlays completed last year simply because both contractors were too busy to do them.  There was discussion about the materials bidding process, the contractors work and the possibility of purchasing a new laydown machine next year to do our own overlays. 

The first street committee meeting of 2021 came to order at 12:35 p.m. with three new members.  Arnie welcomed the new members of the committee. There was lengthy discussion about the day to day operations of the Street Department.

Arnie said he would like to hear from all members on who they would like to nominate for this year's Chairman.  Jennifer nominated Jim Bodenhamer and Paige seconded to nominate.  All were in agreement Jim was the Chairman of the Street Committee.  It was agreed the monthly meeting would stay scheduled as is, on the second Tuesday of the month at 12:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.  Jim asked that if there was anyone that couldn't make it to a meeting, to let him know.

There was discussion about the 5 South rebuild that was just agreed upon between the City and ARDOT along with traffic counts throughout the City. 

The annual report was reviewed, along with snow removal which includes cost of materials, equipment and labor was discussed.

The Street Report for December 2020 was reviewed.  Arnie reported the Burnett Drive project was completed to Bucher Drive and the crew had moved over to complete a rebuild of Medical Plaza.  While waiting for the new hammer to be delivered, the crew moved back to Burnett Drive to pour new curb.  To date, the total cost to Burnett Drive is $353,421.86.  Arnie explained Burnett Drive is planned to complete at Buttercup with three lanes but temporarily is on hold.  The hospital began building an outpatient surgical center on Beard Drive.  At that time, they were required to do retention and design at their site.  The City met with them and it was decided, Baxter Regional Medical Center would build a retention pond on the east side of Burnett Drive at Buttercup.  In order to get all that water down to the retention pond, it needs to go down Medical Plaza.  The City agreed to rebuild Medical Plaza to include bigger culvert pipe, to carry more runoff, along with curb and gutters, and sidewalks on both sides of the street.  This is why the Burnett Drive project has been put on hold for the time being. 

The Medical Plaza rebuild project has taken a little longer than planned due to the rock that had to be hammered out for the drainage to go in.  At this time the crew has reached JPO Prosthetics with curb and gutter and is rounding the curve to work towards Hospital Drive.  To date, the cost to Medical Plaza is $129,428.46.

Susan asked what the projected completion date was, and Arnie said it would be ready for asphalt by summer.

Market Street and Thorn Street are a combined rebuild project because the drainage in that area is all connected, and it would be too hard to separate the two.  The crew is working on Market Street and are in the area of JimmyJohns pouring sidewalk.  The total cost to this project is at $150,963.39.  Arnie expects Market Street to be completed within two months.

Jennifer asked if the asphalt will be held up on Market Street the same as Gentry.  Arnie is hoping Market Street will be ready for asphalt by the time the come to do Gentry Street and they can both be done at the same time.  If they put it off until spring, they will be doing Market, Thorn and Gentry all together. 

There is a crew working at the new Mountain Home Fire Department location on Highway 62 East.  Trees have been cleared and rock hauled in and placed for a temporary driveway so haul in fill to the site for the building.  He said there is over 20 feet of fill to be hauled in before building construction can start.  The cost to this project is at $16,431.09.  Arnie told the Committee the Street Department will be reimbursed for all materials, labor and equipment used.

Maintenance for the month of December was at $20,374.76, which includes trimming limbs, crack sealing, and putting the Christmas lights up and taking them down after the holiday.  The new Christmas lights were discussed, and everyone commented on how nice they looked.

The Budget Summary was reviewed and discussed with the Committee.  Paige asked about the price of fuel rising and if that was of any concern to the Street Department budget.  Arnie said this years' budget was put together in October of last year, and he said money spent on fuel, gas and oil for 2020 was at $63,000.  He feels $120,000 should be more than enough to cover this years' budget, and anything left over will be carried over to next year.

Materials, which includes base, concrete and hot mix was discussed as well as the work the crews do, and equipment purchases.

Jim asked the Committee if there was a time they could not make the meeting, to please let him know, or, let Arnie or Lauren know so there will there will be enough for a vote if the issue arises. 

The meeting was adjourned at 1:35 p.m.











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