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01-2022 Street Committee Minutes

January 18, 2022 Street Committee Minutes


The street committee met on January 18, 2022 at 12:30 in council chambers.  Those present were Jim Bodenhamer, Susan Stockton, Paige Evans, Jennifer Baker, and Director Arnold Knox.

Arnold Knox began the meeting discussing the current employment situation in the department.  We currently have 24 employees with 2 AID temporaries.  Once we hire the AID employees in the coming month we will be at 26 Employees in the department out of a full staff at 30.  We continue to advertise and try to hire the Laborer positions. 

Arnold Knox  next updated the committee on the Cooper Street / Louann Street rebuild.  Current cost of this project is at $232,700.65.  Concrete work is wrapping up on Cooper and the drainage will begin to go in along Louann Street.  These streets should be ready to pave early summer at the latest.

The next project discussed was the fill at the new Fire Department site on Hwy 62.  To date the cost of working the site is at $44,487.58.  Fill has slowed down in the winter months but we anticipate an increase going into the construction months ahead.  We are still waiting on the Sewer department to install the sewer line along the Right of Way of the highway before making progress near the highway.

The committee was updated with future direction of the street crews.  One concrete crew that was working has begun work on a drainage project along Franklin Street behind Baxter Lab.  This crew will be working on Hickory Park improvements in the near future after we have the Notice to Proceed from the Grant.  Our second concrete crew will continue to construct Louann Street.  Future street projects include the building of Russell Lane, Morris St. and North Church St.

Cost of maintenance for the month of December came in at $20,333.94.  with crews busy crack sealing, limb trimming, and minor street repairs. 

Final cost for the street department for the Christmas lights came in at $12,950.05.  This will include setting up, our overtime for maintenance during the nights, and dismantling the displays for storage.  It was relayed to the committee that plans are underway for the expansion of the displays for next year.  Between ASU maintenance, the mountain home park department, and our street department, It has been a pleasant cooperation of forces to make the Christmas lights a reality.

Final discussion was the ending street budget for 2021. Minor overages have come up with the audit line item, office supplies, and Street Department services payments to City hall were discussed.  These line items will be completed in the cleanup budget normally passed in early next year.  The street department was expecting a cash carryover of approximately $2,400,000.  The actual cash carryover came in at just over $2,600,000.  The increase in cash is mostly attributed to ordering and delivery delays or outright canceling of orders from manufactures.

After some more discussion on next years Christmas displays the meeting was adjourned at 12:52 P.M    

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home