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03-2022 Street Committee Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

March 15, 2022 - 12:30 P.M.

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Jim Bodenhamer and Susan Stockton, Committee Members.

The Street Report for February 2022 was reviewed. 

Arnie reported the rebuild project at Cooper/Louann/Demetree was going well with the crew finishing up the drainage at Louann Drive, and they are also pouring curbs.  He said the maintenance crew has already dug out both Cooper and Demetree Streets and have placed millings to prepare for hot mix.  Jim asked if there was an approximate date for asphalt, and Arnie said it would be early summer.  The cost to date for this project is $327,747.98.

There is a construction crew working at Keller Park putting in new drainage at the ballfields, pouring footings and they have already poured new dugouts.  There are a few from the maintenance crew grading and dirt work.  When the other crews leave the area, Arnie said we will then begin putting in sidewalks.  He estimates this to total approximately $180,000 and will be completed mid-April.  All costs incurred by the Street Department, which includes labor, materials and equipment use will be reimbursed by the Parks Department.  The total cost to date is $68,197.15.

The other construction crew left the Cooper Street project temporarily and moved over to Hickory Park to build the new grant funded parking lot for the all-access playground.  This has an entrance off Dyer Street.  Curbing was poured and rock brought in for the parking lot base.  Arnie said he was just notified last week that the Street Department will also be doing the dirt work for the playground and restrooms when it is time.  He told the Committee this will be an all-summer project over there.  The cost to date for Hickory Park Grant is $52,302.56 and as with the Keller Park project, all costs will be reimbursed to the Street Department. 

Fill continues to be hauled in to the new location for the fire department.  Arnie said the Sewer Department received a grant for the sewer extension, and we are waiting for the sewer line to be brought across that property to begin that building.  The cost to date is $45,903.71 and will be reimbursed to the Street Department. 

The final Snow Removal report was read.  Arnie said he hopes this is the last of the snow for the season.  A cost of $42,235.31 was spent between January and February. 

Maintenance for the month of February totaled $5,065.68.

Arnie reported to the Committee the street sweeper has gone in for repairs and when completed, it will be sweeping again.  There were some problems and it had to be taken back to Memphis. 

The Budget Summary was discussed, as was the computer software line item.  Also discussed was a possible vending machine purchase.

Arnie told the Committee he has ordered a new milling machine which will be delivered next month.

The meeting adjourned at 12:53 p.m.








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