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04-2022 Street Committee Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

April 19, 2022 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:32 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Jim Bodenhamer, Jennifer Baker and Susan Stockton, Committee members; and Mayor Adams.

The Street Report for March 2022 was reviewed.

Arnie reported to the Committee that the New Fire Department project was still taking in fill, and we are waiting on the sewer line to run along there.  Arnie said there is a lot more fill to be brought in.  The total cost to date is $45,986.76.

The work being done at Keller Park is going well.  The concrete work is just about done, the gravel is all in, and when completed, lot of this gravel will be pulled out whenever the final landscape is done, and it will be moved over to McCabe Park.  An invoice was sent to the Parks Department for reimbursement of the costs incurred to date.  Total spent at Keller Park is $158,023.62.

Russell Lane drainage has been completed at Franklin and the crew will get back on this project when Keller Park is completed.  The cost to Russell Lane is $41,226.57.

The crew working at Hickory Park on the Grant has put in a lot of concrete work including sidewalk and retaining walls.  The parking lot has new curb and is ready for asphalt.  Currently, the crew is working on the bathroom pad.  The cost to the Hickory Park Grant project is $132,084.57.

The crew that is working on the Cooper/Louann/Demetree rebuild project should be back to that site by Memorial Day to finish up.  There is a crew out there now landscaping. 

Street maintenance for the month of March totaled $17,078.16. 

The Budget Summary was discussed with questions about the fuel line item.  Arnie told the Committee he isn't worried about that line item; the cost would have to get to $6 per gallon for it to affect the budget.

Political signs in the easements were discussed and Arnie said if they would put their signs out about even with the utility poles, that would be a good location instead of closer to the street.

The meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.




Wide view of downtown Mountain Home