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07-2022 Street Committee Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

July 19, 2022 - 12:30 p.m.


The Street Committee was called to order at 12:25 P.M.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Jim Bodenhamer, Jennifer Baker, Susan Stockton and Paige Evans, Committee members.

Arnie reported he spoke with the Mayor concerning the current heat situation.  He said the Mayor told him when temperatures are over 100 degrees, the crews are to start 1 hour earlier in the day.  He said his department has been starting at 6:00 A.M. and working until 2:30 P.M.  He added, it is working out well also with getting materials delivered to the jobsites, as they are starting earlier too. 

The Street Report for June was reviewed. 

The new location for the fire department is still getting fill deliveries and we are waiting for the sewer line installation to finish.  After that, dirt work will begin for the building.  The Water Department had to cut through solid rock to get their line in, and we hauled off the boulders to keep for any creek work and bank stabilization that will be done in the future.  The cost through June 30, is $47,331.85.

Concrete curbs are finishing up on Louann at the rebuild project of Cooper Street/Demetree/Louann.  Sidewalk will be poured next, and the Maintenance crew will be getting in there soon to dig out the road to get ready for paving.  Jim asked when an approximate date for paving would be, and Arnie said Dilbeck has the bid for overlays and their contract is three months, set to begin June 1.  This project will be included in the overlays, so he is hoping it will be done before September 1.  The cost through June 30 is $471,325.32.

Arnie reported the Keller Ballfields project is on hold at this time.  The crew has finished their concrete work and sidewalks for now.   We are waiting for the lights to be installed, then this crew will return to finish pouring sidewalks.  They will also dig out any leftover gravel that was put down for walkways, etc., and haul it to McCabe Park to use whenever the new community/aquatic center construction begins.  The Street Department has been reimbursed for all funds to date, totaling $337,024.41.

The crew that was working at Keller Park had gone back to Russell Lane, but then they moved over to Ozark Avenue to build and connect an approximate 50-foot strip of land that will extend the street to North Cardinal Drive.  This has been completed and they are back at Russell Lane starting on curb and gutter from Breckenridge to Driftwood.  The cost to Russell Lane is $90,260.03.

The Hickory Park Grant project has slowed down for now, and that crew has moved back to Louann.  They will return to Hickory Park to begin building the new horseshoe pit after two new lights are installed.  Arnie said the work will take them through November.  Paige asked where this new pit will be put in and Arnie told the Committee, as you drive into the back of the park off Dyer Street, on the left side of the entrance, they will be put in that area.  Paige had some concerns about the lighting and how it will affect the residents that live behind the park.  Arnie reported to the Committee an invoice was sent to General Fund on July 15 for reimbursement of materials, equipment, and labor, from February 7 through June 30.  He said a check for the invoice was received on Monday July 18, in the amount of $318,029.54.  The total cost to this project is 319,058.75. 

The connection of two sections of Ozark Avenue has been completed, but this total of $1,642.73 is through June 30.  Next month will show a completed cost.  Curbing and sidewalks are completed, but asphalt will need to be put down.  Arnie expects that to be done by the end of July. 

Maintenance for the month of June 2022 totals $22,545.49.  The tractor has been out mowing right of ways, limbs were trimmed, along with weed spraying.  The rest of the Maintenance crew has been getting Cooper Street ready for hot mix. 

Arnie reported to the Committee that Roger is working on an ordinance that will allow the Street Department to add another concrete crew.  He said this crew will be hired to work on the community/aquatic center at McCabe Park.  He estimates that they will be there about 1 ½ years.  At this time, he said, he has two open positions and will have seven open after the first of the year.   There was discussion about the community/aquatic center.

The Budget Summary was reviewed and discussed.  Arnie reported the Maintenance line item had more spent due to the tractor was down and had a $21,000 repair bill.  Also, the balance of the Fuel line item was still good. 

Arnie reported the striping has finally been completed.  He said it is a thermoplastic stripe that will show up well, during the night and when it rains.  It looks good especially around the hospital.  The company was from Tennessee, striped Burnett Drive, Beard Drive, Hospital Drive, Bucher Drive, Cardinal Drive, South and North College Street, and they finished all the streets in one day. 

There was discussion about the condition of Dyer Street and when that would be paved since the Water Department has completed their work.  Arnie said he will get the miller out there to level the uneven areas until it can be overlayed. 

The meeting adjourned at 1:00 P.M.


Wide view of downtown Mountain Home