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06-2022 Street Committee Minutes

June 21, 2022 Street Committee Minutes


The street committee met on June 21, 2022 at 12:30 in council chambers.  Those present were Mayor Hillrey Adams; Council members Jim Bodenhamer, Susan Stockton, Paige Evans, Jennifer Baker, and Director Arnold Knox.

Arnold Knox notified the committee of the bid opening of the Club and Hwy. 62 Traffic Signal.  There will be a dedicated left turn installed along Hwy. 62 Business.  The winning Bidder was LEG Enterprises Inc.  The company is working on procuring the material and construction should start later this year.

Arnold Knox notified the committee that Verizon approached the street department about possibly putting a cell phone tower on city property on Hwy 201 North.  Arnold told Verizon that he would run it thorough the committee and mayor and get back to them.  After some brief discussion there was no dissension towards their usage.  The city is one of three possible sites.  We will see where they decide to proceed.

Next, Arnold Knox notified the committee that he would like to restructure the street department and expand personnel to add an additional concrete crew in the 2023 budget.  Our city parks projects have been taking away from our street projects and this crew would help remedy that situation.  Arnold is going to try and get a restructuring in front of the council in the month of July.

Arnold then asked for a recommendation to go to council with a bid waver for going to contract with Traf-Mark Industries LLC out of Tennessee to paint thermos-plastic line work around the city.  They were recommended once the Arkansas companies could not fit us into their schedule for 2022.  Traf-Mark came in with a bid of $61,586.88.  All members of the committee approved the recommendation to the council.

The next discussion was on Cooper and Louann St.  Arnold notified the committee that we are finishing up drainage on Louann near the Inverness Dr. intersection.  We have been dealing with rock removal lately in this area.  Through the month of May the cost on Louann is $419,130.40.  We are looking forward to paving these streets this summer along with our overlays in this area.

The next project discussed was Keller Park ballfields.  Our work on there has been paused waiting for the lighting and electrical to complete.  Total cost through the month of May was $346,716.05.  These costs will be reimbursed from general fund.  We anticipate getting back into this project towards the end of July.

Next report was on Russell Ln., construction on the drainage has begun on the far end near Breckinridge working our way towards Baxter Lab.  Current costs through the month of May stands at $43,805.90. 

Hickory park was discussed next, the playground has been opened with some minor construction proceeding on lights and sidewalk.  Cost to date was $232,234.63.  This cost will be reimbursed from general fund. 

The Cooper Park project has been wrapped up with a cost of $9,998.62.  This was for the concrete foundation for the backstop work and is 100% complete.  This amount will also be reimbursed.

The fire station work was then reported at $46,815.04 through the month of May.  Sewer work is progressing towards the site.

And finally, the maintenance work through the city came in at $29,086.74 for the month of May. 

The budget was then reviewed by the committee.  The committee is closely watching the fuel/gas line item.  Arnold mentioned that it might come in close or might have to be adjusted in the final quarter.

The meeting was then adjourned at 1:15 P.M.



Wide view of downtown Mountain Home