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11-2022 Street Committee Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

November 15, 2022 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Jim Bodenhamer, Jennifer Baker, Paige Evans and Susan Stockton, committee members.

Arnie showed the committee a picture of a new Caterpillar backhoe that had been delivered yesterday.  He said it was purchased through a Sourcewell contract.  With a cost of $125,537.60 and the trade in price of $76,000 for our backhoe, the total cost of this backhoe is $49,537.60.

The Street Report for November was reviewed. 

Arnie reported that not much more has been at the location of the new fire department.  Arnie said he expects to start on the driveway sometime next month.  The cost as of October 31, 2022, is $49,258.46.

The work being done at the Keller Park ballfields has been completed at a cost of $417,463.05.  Arnie reported it is a huge improvement to this park.  The final invoice for reimbursement was sent on November 4.

The crew working at Russell Lane is making their way towards the lab.  All drainage, curb and gutter, sidewalks and landscaping are done from Breckenridge to Driftwood.  Asphalt will finish that portion of the road when the project is completed.  Arnie told the committee that he recently purchased a message trailer and said maybe this will slow the drivers down going through the project.  He said they are speeding as much as 50 to 60 miles per hour.  Paige asked if we have ever had a sign like this, and Arnie said, no, just the orange construction signs.  He feels this will help and has another sign ordered.  The cost to Russell Lane through October 31 is $206,867.88.

Work at Hickory Park has been completed.  The horseshoe pits have been finished.  Arnie told the committee there is some future retention work to be done.  He said the city has to follow the same ordinances as everyone else and next summer he plans on having retention completed for the entire park, including a 4' deep retention near the bank. 

The Christmas Lights at ASU are going well.  The Street Department has two guys out there helping the parks department, who have been out there since October 1st, along with other volunteers put the lights and decorations up.  The Street Department's cost through October 31 is $3,433.63. 

The new access road to the future community center has been cut in to just across the creek.  The road has been based in and the next step is installing a box culvert to cross the creek.  The crew that will be working on this is currently working on the bike path box culvert at the back of the park.  The total cost to this access road project through October 31 is $22,185.70.

Clysta Willett Park is at a standstill currently.  The crew working here has moved off while the new turf is being installed.  The cost through their last day they worked, October 11, is $135,954.89, and an invoice has been sent to the Parks Department for reimbursement of these costs.  Arnie thinks the crew will return in January to complete their concrete work after the turf is in.

Overlays totaled $488,560.94 this year.  Arnie passed out a spreadsheet to the committee with past, present, and future overlays.  He said he planned on spending about $300,000, but due to inflation, asphalt came in a little higher.  Madison Avenue, Newton Avenue, Ouachita, and Richwood Drive were done by the Maintenance crew.  Arnie wanted them to work on cul-de-sac roads to ensure they were done the way they needed to be.  Arnie said the Spring Park subdivision had been completed in October along with Barbara and Kathleen, and the Cooper Street project with Louann and Demetree Streets.  He said next year, J Street, 10th and all the streets in that area are planned for 2023 overlays.  Arnie anticipates spending $300,000 on overlays next year.  Along with the planned overlays, there is the State Aid Grant from the highway department that had been applied for, and he anticipates that being awarded for next year.  The streets that are planned for this grant include Hickory Street, 8th Street, Dyer Street, and all the streets in that area where the sewer department has been rehabbing their sewer lines.  There is a resolution, requested by the highway department, to partner with the city for a state aid grant.  This resolution will be presented to the Council at their next meeting.  The Grant will be approximately $250,000 to do those streets next year.  Jennifer asked if they are going to rely on the company that does the overlays.  Arnie is hoping, he said, to get a laydown machine and a roller that he has budgeted for in 2023.  His plan is to do our own overlays and it all depends on how soon the machine can be delivered.  Jennifer asked if he knew how long it would take to get the machine.  Arnie told the committee if the Council approves the 2023 Budget this year, he will immediately put both pieces of equipment out for bid, hoping for delivery by next summer.  Paige asked if any part of Hickory Street had been overlayed yet, and Arnie said no, throughout where the sewer department has been working, the street is uneven and has not been overlayed.  Jennifer asked about the work being done on 7th Street.  Arnie said they bored due to an issue with the sewer line going under the courthouse, they bored underneath the highway at 7th Street, rehabbed that line then cut off the line underneath the assessor's office and installed a brand-new sewer line and abandoned the old line.

The committee discussed next years' committees.

Due to the cost of materials, Arnie told the committee the overlays next year may be over $500,000 to $600,000.  Jennifer asked, if we can get a laydown machine, will that cut down the cost of materials by doing it ourselves, and Arnie said it should, and it was very difficult to run the numbers for what was done this year compared to what the cost would have been if we had done them ourselves.  He anticipates about a 10% savings if it is.  Also, he added, there wouldn't be any waiting for the contractor, he will control the scheduling.  A few years ago, when Gentry Street was rebuilt, we had to wait for them to make the time to lay the asphalt, and he said, he realizes they are busy too.  Jennifer asked if our crews would do the work or will there be a crew hired to do the asphalt.  Arnie said generally the maintenance crew sets the roadbed and works the asphalt, so that's who will be doing that work.  He is hoping he's able to get his machine next year.

Arnie showed a street rebuild list for next year and said Russell Lane will not be completed this year due to work being done on the parks projects.   Morris Street and North Church Street in the Auto Zone area will be rebuilt next year.  He said both of those streets need repairs and crack sealing, but since he has them both on the rebuild list, he is waiting and will completely rebuild next year.  He told the committee, he normally doesn't let a street get in such disrepair, but why waste $20,000 to $30,000 trying to repair the street when they will be completely rebuilt not long after?  Also included on his rebuild list is a 400-foot section on 1st Street at the bottom near the creek, between College Street and Cardinal Drive that is without curb and gutter.  He is planning to have that section rebuilt so the entire street is curb and gutter. 

Maintenance for the month of October totaled $42,391.10, and the Budget Summary was reviewed.  Arnie said it looked good, except for the Fuel/Gas/Oil line item which has gone over.  He said he spoke with the Treasurer and will be transferring $25,000 to it from the Road Construction line item.   Paige asked Arnie what his overall proposed carryover will be, and Arnie said he is planning on between $3.8 to $3.9 million going into January.  He said there is about $280,000 of equipment purchases budgeted from that.  At this time, he told the committee that he has spent approximately 60% of a $7 million budget. Jennifer asked if he is fully staffed, and Arnie said, yes is fully staffed, and has hired two more that started November 7th, and has another starting soon.  He is currently hiring to get a third construction crew going.  The committee discussed the pay scale, employment, and the hiring process. 

Jim asked if ARDOT was going to advertise for bids on the bridge near 9th and S. Cardinal Drive next year.  Arnie said no, all utilities need to be moved before bids go out, which includes, water, sewer, fiber optic and everything is out of the way.  Jim said that is a long way off and needs to be done.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:11 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home