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02-2023 Street Committee Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

February 21, 2023 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Streets; Jim Bodenhamer, Susan Stockton and Jennifer Baker, committee members.

The Street Report for January 2023 was reviewed.  Arnie reported that the Maintenance crew is working at Phase 2 of the Bike Path.  He said they are digging out and have almost reached the bridges at the bypass. Rock has been put down and packed for the base walking trail and is needed to get the concrete trucks in for pouring at the bypass.  He told the committee, in a few weeks you will be able to see them working at the bypass.  There have been a few meetings with companies about lighting up the trail, and said it is going to be expensive.  He said they were looking at solar lighting up and down the trail for safety.  Power can be brought to the bridge from the traffic lights at the bypass and South College Street for cameras and lighting for security.  The cost as of January 31 is $85,189.33.

The site for the new fire department location has the fill complete, and he is ready to get out there to put in the new driveway access off the highway.  The highway department permit will be completed, and he said he will submit a bill for the Street Department's costs.  Jennifer asked if there was enough fill.  Arnie said yes, there is but hopes they can take in more, he said he is running out of locations to haul fill.  He uses the Street Department location as a last resort site.  Jim asked if there was going to be a traffic light installed at that location, for when there is a call, it will stop traffic while trucks are exiting and entering.  Arnie said that was a good question for the Public Safety Committee that would be meeting in about 2 hours.  Jim said he would bring it up and Arnie told the committee the plans haven't been brought up yet, but would imagine they would be.  The cost to the new fire department is $55,900.68. 

The Russell Lane rebuild project is going well, all drainage culvert is in, and the crew is now working alongside of Baxter Lab pouring curb.  The Maintenance crew has the road dug out from Driftwood to Breckenridge, and Arnie said he plans on having the paving the whole road late this summer.  The cost to Russell Lane as of January 31 is $389,408.55. 

Clysta Willett Park has a cost through January 31 of $200,778.76.  Of that amount the Street Department has been reimbursed $135,118.21.  There were two construction crews working here, one finished pouring the ribbon curb around the adult field, and the other crew finished pouring concrete at the north fields, and the concession stand area.  At this time they are working at the major field and the adult field pouring concrete.  The committee discussed the work being done at the park, the baseball season and other events held there. 

The Access Road going to the new community center is just sitting at this time.  Arnie reported the plans are close to 90% done from the architect.  He told the committee he plans on having the road completed with curb, gutter and drainage across the creek by the end of March.  After the plans are completed for the building, he said he can start planning where the parking lots will be placed, and they are still planning on fitting a roundabout in there.   There was discussion about where this would be built in relation to the three parking lots that will be built.  Arnie told the committee, with the box culvert and the road bed done up to that, the cost of this project through January 31 is $75,599.08.

The Snow Removal report was reviewed.  Arnie said he had the crews on 12-hour shifts which worked well. With the snowfall, most of the streets were cleaned off by the time residents woke up the next morning.  What wasn't cleared, the sun melted the next day. The following week came the ice.  He said this took a little bit longer to remove, since they couldn't scrape the ice up.  Fine screenings were put down at hills and intersections for traction.  Arnie explained, there isn't much that can be done until temperatures go up above freezing and the sun comes out.  With that, the grader can scrape that melting ice and get it off the road.  The committee discussed the cost of materials for snow removal and Arnie compared the city's cost to that of the state highway department.  The snow removal cost through February 3 totaled $44,122.63.

Maintenance for the month of January 2023 totaled $7,319.21.  The Maintenance crew had been at the Russell Lane project digging out and basing in that portion of the road from Driftwood to Breckenridge.  Also in January, there were many fiberglass street signs that had been replaced with aluminum signs. 

Susan asked about municipal parking lots and business growth in the downtown area.  The committee discussed parking spaces that are purchased by business owners around the square.  Arnie said he would like to see more parking lots in that area, and the committee agreed. 

Arnie reported future projects include a complete rebuild of Morris St. and North Church St.  Currently, he is waiting on an easement from Auto Zone.  Also in the future is a section of drainage ditch to be concreted at Cedar St. behind Hardee's.  Arnie said he has finally gotten easements from all residents along that portion of creek.  The retaining wall at the shop is leaning out about two feet right now, and that will be rebuilt.  A section of 1st Street between College and Cardinal Drive has plans for a complete rebuild.  This section which is at the creek crossing currently does not have any curbing or culvert.  It will have a complete rebuild adding drainage culvert, curb and guttering, and a sidewalk.

The Budget Summary was reviewed, and Arnie said it looked good. 

Arnie told the committee he now has enough employees to make a third crew.  He said he will take some from the other two crews to get this third crew going with some experienced workers. 

He is going send out an Invitation to Bid for a new laydown machine this summer.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:12 p.m.


Wide view of downtown Mountain Home