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03-2023 Street Committee Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

March 21, 2023 - 12:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. 

Present were Arnold Knox acting Director; Jim Bodenhamer, Susan Stockton, Jennifer Baker and Paige Evans, Committee members; and Scott Manchester, Assistant Director. 

Arnie began the meeting informing the Street Committee this would be his final Street Committee meeting, and Scott Manchester will be taking over until the June 23rd.

The Street Report for February 2023 was reviewed.

The Bike Path Phase 2 is going well with a current total cost of $125,845.08.  The rock is in down to the bridges in order to get the concrete trucks in and out of there.  One box has already been built, and they are preparing for a 5th box to be poured on the ASU side.  Jennifer asked if there was any type of grant to help with the cost.  Arnie said yes, the City applied for a grant through the Arkansas Department of Transportation and has been approved for approximately $170,000.  He anticipates a half and half split on the project. 

The first part of the driveway entrance of the New Fire Department project is in,  until the fire department has the plans for their building completed.  This part of the entrance had an ARDOT driveway permit deadline to be completed.  The cost through February 28 is $56,621.49.

Russell Lane has curb and gutter going in along the lab side and will end at the highway. All of the drainage culvert has been placed, and he is hoping to have the curbline to the highway by May.  Arnie said he hopes to have the project completed and paved by the time the overlays begin.  The cost to Russell Lane is $441,445.95.

The crew has completed all concrete work at Clysta Willett Park.  At this time the turf people are there and when everyone has finished, we will go back in and complete the asphalt work.  The total cost to Clysta Willett Park is $266,169.13. 

There was no work done at the Access Road to the Community Center in February.  The cost to date is $76,063.36.

Maintenance for the month of February totaled $17,883.05.  The sweeper has been out cleaning up from the winter months.

Jennifer asked if a Street Department crew is working at the Square.  Arnie said yes, it is.  The concrete crew has moved from Clysta Willett Park to the courthouse area, finishing up a landscape area.  He added, most of the cost will be from the ARVEST grant of $15,000.  Jennifer asked what exactly they were doing, and Arnie said the parking area right there is going to be taken out and landscaped.  He added, it should be done next month.  He and the Mayor worked out a timeline to where the landscape people can get in there with the plants.

Arnie reported the Budget looks in order, and there was discussion about a few line items and the balances.  Jim asked if there is a full staff and Arnie said yes, he has enough at this time for another concrete crew.  They are getting experience working with concrete and materials and should be ready to form a new crew out of the two crews this summer.  Jennifer asked if he had enough trucks.  He said he has a backhoe for the new crew, but the trucks that were ordered have not come in yet.  The Committee discussed the trucks, the cost, and what had been ordered.

Susan asked Arnie if he could send a crew over to the fence at the retention pond on Colewood.  She said it looks pretty bad, and asked if the inserts could be removed from the chain link.  Arnie said he would send a couple of guys over to take care of it. 

The meeting adjourned at 12:52 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home