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06-2023 Street Committee Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

June 20, 2023 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:31 p.m.

Present were, Scott Manchester, Assistant Director of the Street Department; Jim Bodenhamer, Jennifer Baker and Paige Evans, Committee members; also attending were Arnold Knox, Director of Planning & Engineering; Scott Liles, City Clerk; Steve Hill, Director of Public Works; and Mayor Adams.

The Street Report for May 2023 was reviewed.  Scott reported that the Russell Lane project is complete, and line-striping is being completed at this time.  Final costs will be reported at the next committee meeting.  The cost as of May 31 is $707,766.17*.

A crew is working at the Access Road/Community Center location of McCabe Park.  Digging is underway for the gymnasium and when grade has been reached, digging to grade will begin for the pool.   Cost through May 31 is $98,755.22*.

The lid for the last box culvert will be poured tomorrow for the Bike Path Phase 2 at McCabe Park.  This is the third box culvert located at the 62/412 Bypass, and when this has been completed, the crew will begin work on the walkway.  They will stop at some point and move over to Conway St. where new curb and guttering will be put in from Arkansas Avenue to Baxter Avenue.  The cost to the Bike Path Phase 2 is $126,547.83*.

The drainage ditch at Ray St. has been completed at a cost of $11,770.62*.

The crew working at 1st St. near the creek has all culvert pipe in and they have started digging for curbs today.  Scott reported the curbs and sidewalk should be completed in a month or so.  When they have been completed, asphalt will be placed. 

The Maintenance crew has been mowing the right of ways throughout the City, repainting crosswalks and stop bars and working at McCabe Park.  At this time, they are digging out the weedy planter area near the cemetery on South Main St. and will replace it with 4" rock.  Maintenance costs for the month of May total $21,130.17.

Scott reported the Budget Summary looks good, and per Arnie, said specifications for a laydown machine and excavator have been sent out.

Jim introduced himself and the rest of the Street Committee to the new Public Works Director, Steve Hill.  

The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 p.m.







*Projects with (*) will have engineering costs for the months of March through June on the next street report.




Wide view of downtown Mountain Home