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07-2023 Street Committee Minutes


Street Committee Meeting

July 18, 2023 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m.

Present were Scott Manchester, Assistant Director of Streets; Jim Bodenhamer, Susan Stockton, Jennifer Baker and Paige Evans, Committee members; and Steve Hill, Public Works Director.

The Street Report for June 2023 was reviewed.  Scott reported the Russell Lane rebuild project has been completed and has turned out well.  There were a few issues that needed to be fixed and it looks good.  The cost of this project totaled $876,383.74. 

Work at the access road and the area at the new community center is continuing.  The total cost of this report is for the road and work currently being done, and totals $111,528.77.  There is a crew digging out for the gymnasium, and they have approximately 3 feet deeper to dig out.  He asked Steve to explain to the Committee where they are as far as bidding, etc.  Steve reported the last he heard, Invitations to Bid for the community center will be sent August 1st, with an opening 2 to 3 weeks later.  There was a lengthy discussion of the new community center project and McCabe Park. 

The crew working on the Bike Path Phase 2 has gotten across the 62/412 Bypass to the ASU side.  Scott reported 4-inch base was hauled in and placed under the bridge at the bypass and the crew had dug out into the ASU side.  He said, there is 4-inch all the way back to McCabe and the crew still needs to add smaller base to that, and then pour concrete, then the asphalt will go in.   Total cost to the Bike Path Phase 2 is at $165,905.29, with a portion of that total to be applied to the ARDOT Grant that was received. 

Scott reported the rebuild section of 1st Street is going well.  As of June 30, the total cost to this project is $73,127.98.  The crew will have all the curbing finished by Friday or Monday of next week.  Sidewalks will be next to go in, and it was decided to continue sidewalk all the way to College St., as there was no reason to stop at the creek. 

The Conway rebuild from Arkansas Avenue to Baxter Avenue is going well and the crew will have the culvert finished tomorrow.  The curb and gutter will be started next, then sidewalk and finish with new asphalt.  Scott said Baxter Avenue is planned for a rebuild in the future with culvert, curb and gutter, and sidewalk.  He added, Conway had been in that rebuild plan with Baxter.  Since the Sewer Department was in there replacing their sewer line, it was decided instead of patching the street, the Street Department is rebuilding.  Total cost to Conway Street is $9,361.63.

Maintenance for the month of June is $14,634.93.   the Maintenance crew has been working at the municipal parking lot at 8th St. behind the Assessor's office.  The Sewer Department had replaced a sewer line there, so we are putting in asphalt today.  There was quite a bit of tree limbs down with recent storms, so they have been picking those up.  Mowing the right of ways continue, sign maintenance and striping is being done. 

Scott reported the third crew is getting pushed back a little bit.  Still waiting for the one-ton trucks to get finished.  One came in yesterday, that was made for a fuel truck, we are waiting for a flatbed to be installed on another, and toolboxes on the third. He said it may be September or October before all the trucks are completed.   He said there are three laborer positions to be filled for the third crew also, and that is on hold until the crew can be created.  Right now, he said, they are letting some of the newer guys get their experience before they go to another crew.   When the crew has Conway completed, they will head back to the Bike Path, and the crew at 1st Street will probably go to either Morris St. or North Church for complete rebuilds over there.

There was discussion about traffic on Highway 62 at the 5 North intersection.  Jennifer said she has received emails from Mr. Robert Skibbe, concerning traffic on Highway 62 at the 5 North intersection.  He is requesting the westbound traffic turn lane at 1st Street be changed to a straight through lane.  He also made a request concerning the traffic on Highway 62 West at Big Creek Estates Parkway.  He is concerned about the future traffic when the new community center is built.  Currently, it is difficult to see traffic coming from the West, due to the hill, while pulling out of Big Creek.  After some discussion, Scott told the Committee the intersection at Highway 62/1st Street/5 North is a matter for the Arkansas Department of Transportation, and they will need to be addressed since that is under their jurisdiction.  He said, as far as the intersection at 62 West and Big Creek Estates Parkway, the City can request a traffic study from ARDOT.  Susan made a motion to request traffic studies at both locations discussed, and Jennifer seconded the motion.  All Committee members agreed to have the City request traffic studies. 

The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 p.m.




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