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08-2023 Street Committee Minutes

Street Committee

August 15, 2023 - 12:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 12:32.

Present were Scott Manchester, Assistant Street Director; Jim Bodenhamer, Susan Stockton and Paige Evans, Committee Members; Arnold Knox, Director of Planning and Engineering; and Steve Hill, Director of Public Works.

Scott reported the Access Road and community center at McCabe Park hasn't seen any work lately.  Combined, the total spent on this project is $111,683.53.  Invitations for sealed bids will go out today for the community center and will be opened in a couple weeks.

Phase 2 of the Bike Path is at a stopping point at this time, as that crew has been working on Conway.  When they are done with their part of the rebuild, they will go back to the Bike Path and continue where they left off.  The total cost through July 31, 2023, is $186,866.90.

The rebuild project going on at 1st Street is going well, and that crew is now pouring sidewalk from the bridge to College Street.  Scott reported this project should be completed by the end of August, and as of July 31 the total cost to 1st Street is $129,507.10.  When this project is completed, the crew will be moving over to North Church Street for a complete rebuild from Highway 62 to North Street.  They will then move over to Morris Street for a complete rebuild from Highway 62 to North Street.

The Conway Street rebuild project is going well and has a cost of $97,874.33.  Curbing should be completed by Friday, and the crew will start on the sidewalk.  When the sidewalk has been completed, that crew will head back to the Bike Path and continue that build project.   Last week, the Maintenance crew started digging out the roadbed and made it to Columbia. 

Maintenance for the month of July 2023 totals $69,054.30.  The maintenance crew continued trimming limbs and spraying weeds.  They repainted crosswalks and stop bars throughout the city, swept streets and rebuilt the 8th St. parking lot after the Sewer Department put new sewer line through the lot.   Scott reported they will reimburse the Street Department for the repairs to the 8th St. parking lot.

The Budget Summary was reviewed and looks good.  Jim asked what the projected carryover would be, and Arnie reported it to be approximately $3 million. 

Susan reported two streetlights that need repairs; on Colewood at Holly Grove, and another streetlight on Colewood at Osage that has a shield missing. 

The meeting was adjourned at 12:44 p.m.







Wide view of downtown Mountain Home