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12-2023 Street Committee Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

December 19, 2023 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:32 p.m.

Present were Arnold Knox, Director of Planning and Engineering; Jim Bodenhamer, Paige Evans, Susan Stockton and Jennifer Baker, Committee members.

The Street Report for November 2023 was reviewed.

Arnold reported the Access Road to the new community center has curbs poured across the creek.  He said the gate will be going back up to deter people from going back there.  The gate was removed while curb was being poured over the box culvert.  The roundabout has been cut in just past the creek.  When completed, the crew working on the Access Road will then start building parking lots.  The cost through November 30 is $203,810.53.

The Bike Path Phase 2 has a total cost of $358,096.70 through November 30.  The crew is finishing up the concrete from the parking lot at ASU to Wade Street and that will complete this project.  Of the total amount spent, ARDOT has reimbursed $109,000 Grant money, with a balance of approximately $53,000.   Arnie said his goal is to eventually get the bike path to the downtown area.

Arnie reported to the Committee a $630,000 Grant had been applied for, and $500,000 was approved to the city for the purpose of solar lighting along McCabe Park trails and parking lots at the ponds.

Work at the new community center site is going well.  Clay fill is being hauled in from the Cartney area for the gymnasium and new building area.  There is one more lift to fill and compact at the gymnasium.  The committee discussed at length the community center.  The cost as of November 30 is $77,846.66.

The North Church Street Rebuild project has final grading and millings placement to go.  Asphalt will go down in the spring of 2024.  The cost to North Church Street is $138,488.63.

Overlays were completed in November at a cost of $182,212.64.  This amount does not include the State Aid money that was awarded to the city for the overlays they completed. 

The crew working on the Morris Street rebuild project are pouring curbs.  Half of the new culvert has been installed and plans to pave the street are for springtime 2024.  The cost to Morris Street as of November 30 is $23,951.70.

Maintenance for the month of November totaled $27,907.00.  The Maintenance crew has been spending most of their time out at the community center site, preparing for contractors to begin their work.

The Budget Summary was reviewed; Arnie reported the Road Construction line item shows over 100%, but this does not include

approximately $418,000 in revenue received that is in the Road Construction fund.  He also told the committee the Computer Maintenance line item is over but will be cleaned up at the end of the year. 

Susan asked if there had been any decision made about making 1st Street and Leatherwood Drive a 4-way stop.  Arnie told her after the January 1 there would be a traffic study done and signs would be placed.

The Wayfinding Sign program was discussed along with the budget of that program.  The committee discussed the cost and budget plans and requested to see the design plans along with location plans for the signs.  Arnie said he would email them for their review.  

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home