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Sweeper truck cleaning curblineMowing right of way at creek on Cardinal Drive

The Street Department has three working crews daily, two Concrete crews and one Maintenance crew.  The Concrete crews build new streets where beneficial, and they rebuild streets when they are are too far in need of routine repairs.  Both building and rebuilding mostly includes the installation of new culvert pipe, concrete curbing and guttering, sidewalks and digging out the street to prepare for new asphalt.  The Maintenance crew patches potholes and crack-seals the streets throughout the City.  They do most of the traffic signal maintenance, including changing bulbs when they've burned out, regular cleaning and filter changes inside the signal boxes are done as well.  Although the City maintains the traffic signals, any timing adjustments are regulated by the Arkansas Department of Transportation.  Drainage ditches are regularly cleaned to keep them clear of trash, and culverts are checked routinely and kept clear.  The Maintenance crew also cleans the creeks throughout the City, so brush and trash will not pile up at the bridges which would cause drainage or flooding problems.   Landscaping is done when needed, and this crew also assists the Concrete crews when they are rebuilding streets.  They will dig out the old asphalt and road bed and prepare for new asphalt to be placed.  They also help the other crews with landscaping to finish up their projects.  Daily sign maintenance throughout the City is done to keep drivers and pedestrians safe.  The street sweeper is out almost daily sweeping streets and cleaning out inlet boxes.  The Department also has a tractor with boom mower, which is out beginning April into the fall months mowing right-of-ways throughout the City.  Street edges and sidewalks along with curbing is trimmed of weeds regularly.  During the winter months, the Street Department is ready for any snow removal and sanding of the City streets where needed. 

We encourage residents to call us with any street issue there may be, including reporting street lights that are malfunctioning within the City limits.  We are able to notify the electric company immediately to get those repaired.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home