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Safety & Injury Prevention


The Act and the Rule articulate that any association that sponsors or conducts sports training or high-risk youth athletic activities for children aged fourteen (14) and younger shall require all coaches and athletics personnel to complete specific training. The association shall maintain a record of individual course completion for as long as that individual serves as athletic personnel or coach for the association. The courses are to be approved by the Arkansas Department of Health, on these subjects:

  • Emergency Preparedness, planning, and rehearsal for traumatic injuries
  • Concussions and head trauma
  • Heat and extreme weather-related injury familiarization
  • Physical conditioning and training equipment usage
  • Heart defects and abnormalities leading to sudden cardiac death

What is Coach Safely Act?: Follow this link to read the information on Act 642 Senate Bill 421.

Mandatory Certification: All volunteer coaches and officials will need to complete this FREE online training. This course at most takes and hour and a half to complete. Once completed, certificate needs to be provided to MHPR staff (Enoch or Megan). Please, click link to start your training.

Additional Resources & Certifications

Emergency Preparedness, Planning, and Rehearsal for Traumatic Injuries:

Concussions and Head Trauma:

Heat and Extreme Weather-Related Injury Familiarization:

Heart Defects and Abnormalities Leading to Sudden Cardiac Death:



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