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Coach Registration

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Are you interested in being a volunteer coach for MHPR youth leagues and programs? Whether you have a child in our league or not, we greatly appreciate having coaches step up and volunteer. Our goal is to make sure each potential team has a head coach, before registrations close for that particular program. Please print off and fill out the background check form and return to Youth Center front office or email to MHPR Staff prior to registration deadline for your particular sport. When submitting to MHPR staff, please have your Drivers License and Social Security card available for us to securely copy. 

Background Check Authorization Form 

Volunteer Coach Responsibilities:

  • All Head Coaches:
    • Complete the state mandated Coach Safely certification course. This course is free, online, and only takes and hour and a half at most. Proof of certification needs to be submitted to MHPR Staff prior to first practice. 
    • Attend coaches meetings that may be scheduled before, during, or after season.
    • Reading and signing the Coaches Code of Conduct.
    • Teach rules, fundamentals, and sportsmanship to your team.
    • Work with your players and help to improve their skills.
    • Have FUN!!! 
    • Communication with MHPR Staff.
    • Communication with your team's parents.
    • Locking in a practice schedule. You will work with MHPR Staff to get this schedule approved from the dedicated spots available. 
    • Reporting issues to MHPR Staff or to UIC (umpire/official in charge).
    • Knowledge of EAPs (Emergency Action Plans) provided by MHPR. EAPs for each facility are listed in the EAP tab on this website. 
  • 6u and younger:
    • You will receive a roster from MHPR staff with parent contact information along with rules for your division.
    • No umpires/referees will be used for the 6u division or younger. Coaches will act as the umpire/referee for these divisions.
  • 8u-15u Divisions:
    • Assessment Night: all coaches come together in each division and run different drills with the kids. This allows for you to be able to score each child on their individual performance. Being present and active on Assessment Night will help you on Draft Night.
    • Draft Night: coaches for each division will meet up and draw numbers to determine what order you will be picking for each round. This is the night that you will be formulating your team. 
    • Communicating with umpires/officials in a professional manner at appropriate times.  
    • Scores: MHPR does not run scoreboards or books for games. However, each coach is responsible for sending an email or text to MHPR staff after each game stating the score, and which team won. This is useful for if we are able to do an End of Season tournament.  
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