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22 fire personnel in uniform standing and kneeling in front of fire truck

The Mtn. Home Fire / Rescue Department has 25 career firemen, 9 paid-per-call "volunteers", and 1 secretary. The career personnel are split into 3 shifts, A B C, with each shift working 24 hours on and 48 hours off. Each shift is made up of 1 Captain, 2 Lieutenants, and 4 or 5 firefighters. All career personnel are trained in 1st aid techniques, with 22 career personnel being EMT-B certified and 3 being AED 1st Responders.

Also, to provide the community with the highest quality of protection, all firefighters are required to become nationally certified in FF I and II and hold a Hazardous Materials Technician certification. There are numerous personnel also certified in confined space rescue, high angle rescue, water rescue, and trench rescue.

A- Shift

7 personnel members on A-shift in front of a fire truck

Kris Quick - Captain / NREMT
Pat Ryan - Lieutenant
David Green - Lieutenant / NREMT
Shawn Lofton - Firefighter / NREMT
Eric Setzer - Firefighter / EMT
Bryan Arms - Firefighter / NREMT
Michael Glotzl - Firefighter / NREMT
Skyler Wintle - Firefighter / NREMT


B- Shift

7 personnel members on B-shift in front of a fire truck

David Dover - Captain
Tim Chaney - Lieutenant / EMT
Steve Nearn - Lieutenant / NREMT
Rick Latting - Firefighter / NREMT
Darrin Roberts - Firefighter / NREMT
Peter Stoike - Firefighter / NREMT
Jake Bickford - Firefighter / NREMT


C- Shift

7 personnel members on C-shift in front of a fire truck

Darrin Peoples - Captain / NREMT
Bob Harris - Lieutenant / NREMT / EMS Officer
Billy Uchtman - Lieutenant / NREMT
Allen Campbell - Firefighter / EMT
Chris Hall - Firefighter / NREMT
Travis Dover - Firefighter / NREMT
Lyle Uchtman - Firefighter / NREMT
Stuart Swearingen - Firefighter / NREMT


The Staff

Ken Williams - Fire Chief
Gary Pyszka - Fire Inspector / NREMT
Jodie Iris - Administrative Assistant


MHPD Volunteers

The Mountain Home Fire Department currently has a roster of 10 paid per call "volunteer" firefighters. The volunteers are a major part of the department, and work side by side the career guys at major incidents inside the city and assist with fire calls outside of the city along with off-duty personnel. We have a joint training meeting, career/volunteer, twice a month so the volunteers are up to date with any new procedures in the department, and to get familiar with new equipment.

Shane Davis - Firefighter
Rudy Partee - Firefighter
Tim Karr - Firefighter
Greg Ifland - Photographer
Cory McMahon - Firefighter
Buddy Bodenhamer - Firefighter
Doug Liecht - Firefighter
Tad Tanakatsubo - Firefighter
Cade Seal - Firefighter
Preston McCord - Firefighter


Wide view of downtown Mountain Home