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Fire Department Volunteers

MHFD - Volunteers

The Mountain Home Fire Department currently has a roster of 10 paid per call "volunteer" firefighters. The volunteers are a major part of the department, and work side by side the career guys at major incidents inside the city and assist with fire calls outside of the city along with off-duty personnel. We have a joint training meeting, career/volunteer, twice a month so the volunteers are up to date with any new procedures in the department, and to get familiar with new equipment.

Greg Ifland - Photographer Serving since 1999 
Rudy Partee
- Volunteer Firefighter Serving since 2001
Cade Seal - Volunteer Firefighter Serving since 2013
Garth Deems - Volunteer Firefighter Serving since  2017           
Nick Huett - Volunteer Firefighter Serving since 2022
Jonathan Fox - Volunteer Firefighter Serving since 2023
Dalton Harris - Volunteer Firefighter Serving since 2023




Two firetrucks in front of a home
Wide view of downtown Mountain Home