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Summer Sewage Average

For water used during April thru September, an average of the previous six-month period will be used. In general, these are the months when residential customers use the least water and when water is going into sanitary sewer system for treatment. For new customers, charges will be based on actual usage until such time as that customer establishes an average for the October thru March periods. This computation has been passed by the City Council as a way of alleviating very high sewer changes during the summer when many customers water their grass and flowers and this water is not going through the sewer system.

Customers who want to keep their winter average low will need to stop watering at the end of September and can begin watering after their meter is read in April. If you have any questions regarding when your meter is read, please call our office.
Winter Months - October through March
Summer Months - April through September

For example:
If your household uses 4,000 gallons per month during the winter months, your summer sewer average will be 4,000 gallons.
In the summer months, when you begin using water outside, your sewer charges will be capped at your 4,000 gallon winter average. If your household uses 8,000 gallons of water during the summer months, you would be charged for 8,000 gallons of water during the summer months. You would be charged for 8,000 gallons of water but only 4,000 gallons of sewer.

Note: If you move from one location to another, your summer sewer averaging will not be transferred to the new location.
*Residential customers who reside in the city limits of Mountain Home and have a sprinkler meter will not qualify for summer sewer averaging.

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