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Water Source

Where Does My Water Come From? 

The City of Mountain Home water source is Lake Norfork which is located northeast of Mountain Home in Baxter County, Arkansas and serves as the primary water supply for the City of Mountain Home, Arkansas. Norfork Lake is formed via the Norfork Dam which dams the North Fork River. Norfork Lake covers 22,000 acres with more than 360 miles of shoreline.  There are 19 recreational parks on the lake that provide places for camping, hiking, picnicking, swimming, boating, and water skiing.

Typical incoming raw water quality follows in the table below. This raw water is pumped through an intake structure located on Lake Norfork, approximately one-quarter mile from the water treatment plant.

Norfork Lake Raw Water Quality (typical values)

- Typical Value: 7.9
- Units: s.u 

- Typical Value: 3.12
- Units: NTU

- Typical Value: 168
- Units: mg/Las CaCO3

- Typical Value: 172
- Units: Mg/Las CaCO3

How Do I Know My Water Is Clean?

Water samples are routinely collected and tested each day from the lake and distribution system coming to your home, checking purity and identifying potential problems (if any).  The water delivered to your home complied with, or did better than, all State and Federal drinking water requirements.

Norfork Lake, shown in Figure 2.3.2 below, is the current source of water for the Mountain Home Water Treatment Plant.


Wide view of downtown Mountain Home