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February 2024 Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

February 20, 2024 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m.

Present were Scott Manchester, Assistant Director of the Street Department; Jim Bodenhamer, Paige Evans, Susan Stockton and Jennifer Baker, Committee members; Steve Hill, Director of Public Works; and, Scott Liles, City Clerk.

The Street Report was reviewed; Scott reported nothing has changed at Access Road to the Community Center.  He said it's basically at a standstill due to crews focusing on parking lots and building pads at the Community Center.  The total cost to the Access Road is $220,976.82.

Susan asked how the work was going at the Community Center and Scott said, it's going well, they will be out there another week or so.  Consolidated was out there setting points today.  Jennifer asked if the Street Department was getting the groundwork ready for someone else to start the work.  Scott told the Committee, we are getting it ready for the contractors to do their groundwork and get their footings poured.  He added, conduit is going in for the electric and phone; Yelcot and Crawford Electric is getting it ready for Entergy to put the electric in on March 1.  Paige asked if the city was putting electric in; she said she had a contractor ask her why the city was putting electric in and was told that anybody working on electric should be licensed.   Steve told Paige and the Committee that the Street Department was digging the trench at this time, and Scott added that we are laying the 4-inch conduit in the ditch, empty; we will not be pulling the wire.  Steve added, Entergy and the electrician will be running the cable.  Steve explained further and gave an example; if a property owner was putting in electric service to a barn they had on their property, they would have to provide the trench and whatever was needed, at their cost, for the electric company to pull their wires and get service to said barn.  He added, that is what the City is doing, getting it ready for the electric company.  Paige said she would let the questioning contractor know the answer. 

Scott reported the Bike Path Phase 2 has been completed to Wade Street at a cost of $419,138.40.  Of that total, $109,377.56 grant money had been reimbursed to the City.  Scott reported Amy is working on the final report to get the balance of that grant reimbursed.  Jennifer asked if the lighting was included in this grant; Scott said that is a separate grant that had been awarded.  Jennifer asked if the new grant included bathrooms; yes, it does.

The total cost as of January 31, 2024, at the new Community Center is $532,320.16.  Scott reported this amount is just site preparation.  He said they have dug out approximately 9,655 yards of dirt and moved it to stockpile at a location in McCabe Park.  A total of 16,309.43 tons of Clay has been hauled in from Cartney at a cost of $260,988.40, 4-inch base totaled 8,435 tons.  These materials are to get the parking lots and building pads to grade for the contractors.  Scott added, the rock on the parking lots will allow workers to continue their work when it has been raining.  This is the reason for the high total of materials.  He explained, today will finish the last cut for the parking lot next to the gymnasium location.   The clay that is being dug out of that area will be used on the parking lot next to the pool.   This clay is not good enough for the building pads but can be used on the parking lot at the pool area. 

The North Church Street rebuild project has a small section of landscaping that needs to be completed.  It has been so wet, it needs to dry out for the guys to get back in there to finish up.  It has been dug out and is ready for asphalt in the spring.  The cost to North Church Street through January 31 is $145,081.47.

Morris Street has been completed except for asphalt that will down in the spring also.  The total cost to Morris Street is $100,900.76. 

A box culvert has been put in on Cedar Street.  The old bridge was dug out and the box culvert formed up and poured.  The bridge was opened to traffic on February 16.  Total spent as of January 31 is $10,960.08.  This crew will next build a concrete ditch between Cedar Street and Spring Street.  Scott told the Committee this crew will be moving over to the new fire department location at 62 East to get the pad ready for their building, then back to continue working on the ditch at Cedar Street.

There was some snow removal in January with a cost of $35,836.60.

Maintenance for the month of January totaled $17,271.86. 

The Budget Summary was reviewed and discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 p.m.

Wide view of downtown Mountain Home