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April 2024 Minutes

Street Committee Meeting

April 16, 2024 - 12:30 p.m.


The meeting was called to order at 12:28 p.m.

Present were Scott Manchester, Assistant Director of Streets; Steve Hill, Director of Public Works; Jim Bodenhamer, Paige Evans and Jennifer Baker, Committee members; Scott Liles, City Clerk; Arnold Knox, Director of Planning and Engineering; and Mayor Adams.

Scott showed the Committee pictures of the new asphalt laydown machine that had recently been purchased.

The Street Report for March 2024 was reviewed. 

Scott reported the Community Center at McCabe Park project is going well.  The crews have been moving dirt and putting in rock and base for the gymnasium and splash pad.  He said it may be the middle of next week before it is handed over to the contractors to start their work.  The total cost of this project is $1,035,641.39.

The Cedar Street Ditch project is at a cost to date of $60,713.14.  The creek that runs between Cedar and Spring Street is being concreted and at this time, the ditch floor has been poured.  The crew is working on the walls now.  Scott reported this project will be completed in three weeks.

East 6th Street and Foster has approximately six more weeks until completion of its rebuild project.  Culvert has been installed and the crew has finished pouring curb on the east end of E. 6th Street, between Foster and Bryant.  They are now pouring curb on Foster, then will continue with the west end of E. 6th Street.  The cost to date is $89,126.71.

The cost of Maintenance for the month of March is $13,942.89.  The tractor has started mowing rights-of-way today, for the summer months; The cost includes sign maintenance, trimming limbs, spraying weeds, picking up fallen limbs from storms.

Jim asked what the Street Department staffing is right now.  Scott said there are 2 positions for laborers open and will be posted this week.  He said the Equipment Operator position has been filled, the new operator started yesterday on one of the construction crews; there was one truck driver that retired, and another laborer has left for another job. So, those will be replaced.

The Budget Summary was reviewed, and Steve reported the Computer Operating Expenses line item was going to be a little higher.  This includes all annual maintenance costs will be due by the end of the year, which is normal.

Jim reported that he received a letter from Bob Skibbe, who has concerns about the speed limit coming into town on Highway 62 West from Big Creek into town and asked for the speed limit to be lowered.   Scott said this was State jurisdiction and he would have to go through them.  Arnold told the Committee he would need to contact the Harrison office and speak with the Engineer, Steve Lawrence.  Jim asked if the city has any say in making decisions for the speed limit, and was told, no.  Arnold said a request for a traffic study can be made with the State and would have to go through the engineering office.  Jim said Mr. Skibbe had some interesting things to say, and one was a traffic signal that was discussed in a prior meeting.   There was more discussion about traffic studies at various locations.

Scott told the Committee that we are still waiting for delivery of the traffic light pole that will go up at 6th and Main Street.  He was told maybe May, but that isn't for sure.

Steve reported the City is in the beginning stages of reviewing the trash collection contract with Waste Connections.  He said one of the issues is the recycling service that is offered to the residents of the City.   Of the approximately 5,700 customers, 1,700 of those participate in the recycling program.  He said, Baxter Day Service processes about 4 tons of recyclables weekly from the City customers. The City received a letter from Baxter Day Service, and effective in October, they will begin charging the City $125 per daily delivery for their "sorting fee".  This would be a weekly increase of $500, or $26,000 annually.  The current recycling program was discussed, and Steve said, if the City decides to discontinue the program, the residents would still be able to bring their recyclables to the Baxter Day Service on their own.  The discussion continued and a final decision will be made at the time the contract is renewed.

The meeting adjourned at 12:57 p.m.






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