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January 2024 Minutes

Street Committee

January 16, 2024 - 12:30 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 12:29 p.m.; present were Scott Manchester, Assistant Director of Streets; Jim Bodenhamer and Susan Stockton, Committee members; Arnold Knox and Steve Hill.

Scott distributed the Street Department Year End Report, and it was reviewed.  The Street Report for December was also reviewed.

Scott reported, work has stopped for the time being at the Access Road to the community center. The total spent as of December 31 is $220,764.89.

The Bike Path Phase 2 has been completed to Wade Street. There is approximately $53,000 from the grant, to be reimbursed to the city when the project is closed out and sent to ARDOT.  The total cost as of December 31 is $413,085.69.

At the Community Center location, after red clay had been hauled in for the gym pad last month, it is now ready for the contractors to begin their work.  Scott reported there are crews working at the pool pad area and digging out for parking lots for contractors to park their vehicles and equipment.  The cost to the Community Center is $268,927.27.

North Church Street rebuild is just about complete.  All culvert, curbing and sidewalks are in, and new asphalt will go down in the spring.  The cost to North Church Street is $143,119.38.

The Morris Street rebuild is going well.  The cost through December 31 is $64,433.21.  All the curbs are in, and the crew is working on pouring new sidewalk.  Landscaping will follow and new asphalt will be placed in the spring, the same as North Church St. 

The Christmas Light display at ASU totaled $4,954.18 this year.  This included putting up the lights and decorations, and then taking them down.

Maintenance for the month of December totaled $19,311.67.  This includes sign maintenance, crack sealing, trimming limbs, etc.

The Budget Summary was reviewed.

The traffic signal at 62 and 6th street was discussed.  This light was taken out early January 1.  Scott reported the poles are order and will take approximately 12 weeks to receive.  The light heads will not take long but will have to wait for the poles to arrive.  At this time, there are Stop signs placed for a 4 way stop at that intersection.  Susan asked if there had ever been a consideration of making that intersection a left turn arrow onto W. 6th (West Rd).  Arnie told the Committee, the first delivery date for a pole was to be about 12 months.  If that was the case, the intersection would have a request for a left turn onto W. 6th St.  He added a redesign takes a lot of time to get through the highway department.  He said there is a way to get a left turn in there, but it will still take a redesign of the intersection.  The main priority is to get the pole back up and later to consider the intersection redesign, somewhat like the Club Boulevard light.  Jim asked if the person involved in the accident would reimburse the city, and if there is a total cost for replacement.  Arnie said it has been submitted to their insurance company, and there is an estimate of $18,000 for materials. 

Jim asked if there had been any response from ARDOT on the request for a traffic study coming out of Big Creek onto Highway 62 West, due to the new Community Center being built.  Arnie said ARDOT will not begin any kind of traffic study until it is in place, built and completed.  He added, we will keep petitioning for a study. 

Scott reported the future projects for 2024 to the Committee are planned as follows:  Besides crews working at McCabe Park, Katherine Drive and Deer Path, both in Carlile Highlands have spring issues where water runs constantly; they will be rebuilt to take care of that problem; Delwood Lane will be rebuilt; The Street Department is assisting the Baxter County Sheriff's with a headwall for their new parking lot; and RV layouts for the upcoming eclipse.  Arnie told the Committee the Mayor has asked to have some parking spaces made "dry camping" on the asphalt at the parks.   

Jim asked if the Street Department has the laydown machine ordered.  Arnie said they are a special build, and it is was told it may arrive this summer, but could be as long as spring of 2025.

The recent snowfall was discussed, Scott said the guys did a great job clearing the streets.

Scott told Susan he hadn't forgotten about the intersection at 1st and Leatherwood.  He said they signs he was planning on using are being used at the 6th Street intersection for the time being. 

The meeting was adjourned at 12:51 p.m.







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